Tips brides need to know for gut and weight management


The one thing most of us tend to take for granted is the health of our gut. Despite being overlooked often, gut health is pretty important. It not only affects our weight, but also our stress, sleep, hormones and more. Here’s a few things to take care of your gut health and help manage weight.

Sauf Water

Drink sauf water before meals. Even taking apple cider vinegar in the morning can help. Eating some fermented vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, carrot and cucumber with meals works too. Homemade curds, whole grains and cereals are high in fiber and are are excellent pre-biotics.

Eat Right

There is a lot to keep in mind while gaining weight in a healthy manner. One has to be building muscle. This can be done by eating complex carbs and protein every 2-4 hours, eating dried fruits as mid-meals and weight training. For better hair, take in iron-rich foods like leafy vegetables and meat. Eat 2 Brazil nuts a day too. Also, take biotin, iron and pre-biotic supplements and check your CBC count too.

Meditation and Journaling

At bedtime, try out yoga, meditation or journaling for gut health. Everyday, try doing something fun like singing or dancing. Reach out to people who make you smile! For the food part, avoid white sugar, refined flour and packaged foods. Eat whole, natural foods. Also, focus on one goal that you really desire and visualise you achieving it!

Start Your Day With Cinnamon Water

Start your day with cinnamon water followed by a green vegetable juice for gut health. Eat every 2-4 hours and include omega-3 fats, whole grains, fermented foods and proteins in your diet along with drinking three litres of water daily. Sleeping well is important too! Try going to bed by 10 to curb those night-cravings.

Glowing Skin

Good skin and good gut health are strongly linked. For glowing skin, include these in your daily diet – 1. vegetable juices, high-fibre fruits like apple, pear and papaya, a salad with every meal, protein with every meal like fish, eggs, chicken and paneer and ensure your vitamins and minerals are entering your system by taking supplements for vitamin-C, vitamin-E, glutathione, omega-3, collagen and probiotics.

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