Tips for Acing the Long-Distance Relationship


In this day and age, where our careers are taking over our lives, many couples, now more than ever are forced to maintain a long-distance relationship. On the other hand, with the emergence of online dating sites, sometimes you can meet and fall in love with people who might live on the other side of the globe. Therefore, most of the time it becomes inevitable for you to stay away from your significant other.

Having a long-distance relationship can be quite a challenge for many couples. Many times misunderstandings, doubts, frustration, and insecurities can lead to quite a conflict. You miss your partner and that can make you cranky and angry.

Given below are some tips which can help you ace your LDR.

    • Communication is THE key

Yes, it is something every person says, but the key to surviving and acing a long-distance relationship is communication. You need to talk to your partner. Talk to them about your day, your friends, your work, your boss who gives you trouble and everything and anything.

Talk to each other, over texts, phone, and video calls. This will help you feel a bit near your partner. Let them know when you are missing them and remind them every day that you love them.

Healthy and open communication will reduce the chances of any conflict or argument.

    • Go on virtual dates

Virtual dates can be pretty awesome, all they need is a little planning. So, have frequent virtual dates, make each other’s favorite food and watch a movie or show on Netflix via video call. Make sure to dress up as nicely as you would if it were a physical date. Keep the spark alive. Go to different places for your virtual date and promise to recreate them when you’ll meet in person. Your significant other will appreciate you more for the effort.

    • Talk dirty

Sexual tension is high in an LDR. Talk dirty with your partner, and let them know your thoughts and fantasies. Keep the flames burning by sharing pictures and texts with them. This will make your reunion more exciting and satisfying.

    • Go old-school, send letters

Letters have always been a symbol of romance since olden times. There is a certain charm in writing a letter to your significant other and sending it to them. Bring back that charm, once a month send each other one letter, talking about whatever you want. This will give your relationship a new flavor of romance and the anticipation of receiving the letter will keep you both excited.

    • Do similar things

Share a hobby with them, like learning dance or maybe reading the same book or watching the same shows. This will give you both something to talk about and will make you feel more connected to each other.

    • Surprise them!

Send them a sweet morning text or a beautiful gift, that depends on you but make sure to surprise them. Take them off-guard by sending them their favorite food or a dress for your next virtual date. They’ll feel cherished and touched by your gesture, be it big or small.

    • Be honest

Honesty is the best policy. Share your desires and needs with them. Be honest about your feelings and let them know when you are missing their presence. Be quick to apologize and share what hurt you in case of a fight. This will decrease the chances of misunderstanding and unnecessary conflicts.

LDR can be hard but it will only make your relationship stronger in the long run. If done correctly and with devotion, long distance will make you both emotionally closer. You will end up reaching a whole new level of intimacy which you’ll both cherish and enjoy.

The distance can be of great help in getting to truly know a person. Your Long Distance Relationship will make you both stronger and your love deeper. Yes, it’ll be quite a challenge. But with love, you both will not only ace the LDR but will also be thankful for it in the coming future.

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