Tips for men to prep for Karwa Chauth


This year, the Karwa Chauth festival will take place on Sunday, 24 October 2021. Like every year, all the lovely wives are preparing their selected traditional dress, jewellery and accessories to mark this auspicious day with their Sringaar. Now, you might be wondering, if wives get ready, perform rituals, religiously keep the fast for their husband’s long and safe life, then what must the husbands do? 

The below points will give you some insightful tips for men to prepare for the Karwa Chauth:

Light up the candles!


Since your wife has fasted all day and must be so tired that all she would crave for will be a good night’s sleep! So, after dinner, when she is about to enter your bedroom, why not bring a twist in the routine by lighting up some candles in your room? The heart whelming fragrance of artificially scented candles will not only calm your beloved but will also give her positive vibes about your married life. 

Bring her her favourite Mithai!


Order her favourite sweet dish to make her tastebuds happy! Keep the mithai ready in a bowl so that as soon as she breaks her fast, the first thing she tastes is something sweet. 

Save her a Surprise Gift


To make the festival of Karwa Chauth the most special day for your lady, gift her something that she has wanted to have for a long time. It could be a beautiful piece of a handmade card, a sober pendant, a date dress for her or even a lovely handbag. Anything that she might love to have as a Karwa Chauth present from her husband will make her feel on top of the world. 

Maybe, fast with her?


So, this is a bit tough task to do but not at all impossible! If she is fasting for you, even not staying hydrated for an entire day then why can’t you? Do you as the love of her life have the courage to break the stereotypical thought process of our society? Can you turn away from conventional thoughts and embrace a shift towards equality? Well, if you could, then this will probably be the best thing you could do for your wife.