Tips for the Perfect Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is all about romance and cherishing those who you love. So for  making an effort to make it extra special, you need a plan so you can create a very special day for your special person. To get you started, we have  compiled a list of  tips for planning that perfect day.

It’s the Small Gestures That Count

No effort never goes unnoticed in any relationship , it’s the gesture that counts. It can be something as small as running errands or bringing breakfast to bed, listen intently when spoken to; pay compliments; take care of a pressing matter that has needed some attention; fix or replace something broken; every bit of effort you put cab make everyday a valentines day.

Surprise them! 

Valentine’s day is all about the unexpected surprise. It could be a planned trip or a   gift selected especially for them! Whatever you do, keep in mind that you pick the gift or plan the trip out yourself. Don’t have someone do it for you. Maybe it’s their favorite perfume or cologne or bottle of wine. Maybe it’s jewelry or a trip to the spa. The biggest part of the surprise is not just giving by also the smile and hug and kisses you will get in return.

Build It Up! Anticipation is the purest form of pleasure!

Let that special someone know you have big plans, but keep them in suspense! Drop innuendos! Call them at work a few times during the day! Leave “sweet nothing” Post It notes around the house and in the car; or any other place you can think of. IM or email them; or better yet, both! Leave them a voice message. Remember that your other half will be more happy than ever knowing you remember them and that they are in your head all day.

Quality Time Together

With the hustle and hustle of life , this is one we don’t forget to give those we love. Plan a beach side dinner or a quiet evening on your home balcony with candles. Whatever your idea of a perfect date is, it’s the time that counts and keeps to it. intentions are not just enough in relationships, it’s the action and effort that counts.