Tips to host a house party before/after your wedding

house party

Don’t let quarantine put you in a funk, the best part about having time is being able to plan ahead. If you’re anything like me then you’ve used your time to pick up a new skill or brush up on an old one. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind while hosting a house party before or after your wedding.

Make sure your house is clean and smells nice

This one is a rather obvious point to make a note of, make sure this is a task you do on the day of the event. Use a party like a spring cleaning episode of your life. You want your house to be clean and neat but not sterile in a way that doesn’t feel welcoming to your guests. Your front door also needs to have a lil decoration, you could just set up some lights and flowers outside your door. Make sure you set up bowls of potpourri all over and some Aer packets around the house especially your bathroom. Don’t forget to clean up in your bathroom, no one needs to see all your hair tools and bath products on display. You could light up some candles and fill up your space with some green plants.

house party

Adjust the temperature of your house

Unless it’s cold outside then please make sure to have a warm set up in place but this is an unlikely scenario in India. So keep all of these factors in mind when working through the temperature setting.

Refresh the bar in your house with stock

Refresh the stock in your home, If someone says they might drink 3 beers always stock up on much more because once they get a bit jolly they might tack on more. Also, don’t put your entire collection on display it tends to look very tacky. So put away all your extra lovely bottles that don’t need to be pulled out unless it’s for a special occasion. Also, always have some coffee ready, a lot of people really do love a cup post their meals. Try to have a few interesting cocktails to get everyone’s spirits up because people don’t know this but they love fruity concoctions.

Extend a formal party invitation

After the planning stage, make sure you give your guest an advance notice and either call or drop everyone a message personally. No broadcast messages. Try to invite different sets of people who will make the party an engaging and memorable one. Invite the funny one, the grumpy one, the hoity-toity one and many more types of people because you never know who will get along with whom.

house party

Party favors

It’s always nice to send people home with something to remember the night by. A small token, what would be fun is to have a polaroid camera on stand by and take photos with every single person. Before they leave; put this photo in a pretty envelope and let them have it as a memory. You could alternatively have little potted cacti as gifts to give people as well or seeds in recycled paper as party favors too.

Play a game

Plan a few games that you could play with your friends. It will be more than entertaining. Games will bond you to your friends and create memories to last a lifetime.

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