Tips to select a wedding venue that you love.


Wedding venues are not one-size-fits-all so it’s important to understand what type of space you need for your big day and what options are available to you for your wedding day. Some to-be-weds even opt for two wedding venues, one for the wedding ceremony and another spot for the reception so how do you decide where your big day is suppose to be? Don’t worry we have a few tips to help you decide

Get yourself a good wedding planner 

A good wedding planner can make you feel sorted and relaxed. It is not necessary that you need to run around and make sure everything is perfect a good wedding planner can do that for you .talk with your wedding planner and tell them what you have in mind and they will.come up with options for you to choose from.They’ll also be able to help you see how your wedding style could come to life in a potential space.

Understand your vibe 

Some may want a laid back setup and some want their wedding style to be ultraglam. Think what you want for your wedding day and discuss with your wedding planner. Come up with ideas for everything from flowers to location. This will give you an idea first on what your imagining your big day to look like.

Guess list is primary

Imagine booking a small and intimate space, only to discover later that your guest count is going to be close to 200 people coming. In order to save yourself from running into those sorts of issues, it’s best if hoi have a clear understanding of the guest list and select a wedding venue accordingly 

Tour possible wedding options

Once you tell your planner your ideas. He /she will inform you about the possibl venues available. Don’t just be quick to judge the location through photographs. Pick and select by going on tour at the locations. Check for sanitation, length and look.

Backup venues a must 

Things never go according to any marriage on the d day. there will be something here or there that doesn’t go to plan, so having a venue with ample plan B, C and D options is definitely a plus.