Tips to take care of your bridal trousseau the right way


Bridal trousseau is one of the most important possessions in a woman’s life as it is the prime part of our D-Day which marks the new beginning of our life. So, once the grand ceremony is done, then you have to take care of your wedding dress and store it in the right manner in your wardrobe because it will not be used so frequently. The colour, fabric, texture, shine can be kept as it is if you pamper your bridal dress in the perfect way. So, here are some easy ways to take care of your bridal trousseau.

Fold the dresses and don’t use hangers

If you keep your wedding dresses in hangers, then it will stretch the material of your dress. But keeping the bridal dresses folded in layers will increase their longevity and will protect it wrinkles and creases as well.


Dry cleaning always

Don’t forget to wash your wedding dresses in time, and don’t wash them with water. Always prefer dry cleaning because bridal sarees, dresses, lehengas have heavy work with threads which can get damaged by the water. So, always take them for dry cleaning when needed.

Don’t overstuff your wedding dress with other items

While placing your bridal dresses, don’t overstuff the location with other clothes by putting dresses on one another. That will affect the patterns and designs of your wedding trousseau. So, keep them in a separate place in the cupboard where other outfits are not stored and use preservations boxes for them.


Check out the temperature

The place, where you are storing your wedding dress, should have normal temperature, be dry and away from direct moisture to retain the moisture level and colour of your attire.

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