Tired of constant food craving? Here’s what you can do

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Unless you’re superhuman, chances are you’ve definitely experienced food cravings at one time or another. Food cravings are intense, uncontrollable urges to consume specific foods. They’re different from regular hunger. The types of foods each of us craves may be different, but they’re more often than not processed foods that are high in sugar content. Here are some tips and tricks to overcome food cravings.

First, Drink Water

Often our mind gets confused about whether we are actually hungry or just dehydrated. Next time, when you experience a craving, simply drink a glass of water. Naturally, after drinking water, our hunger reduces. So, wait for some time and then see if you are still experiencing a craving. There is a high chance that your craving will disappear.


Eat More Protein

On average, As Indians, our protein intake is very low. It is essential to consume a specific amount of protein every day. Proteins can reduce your cravings because they are difficult to break down. It takes your body time to break them down. As a result, your body stays busy and you don’t get cravings. Some good protein sources are egg whites, paneer, chicken breast, lentils, and fish. Consuming protein-rich foods is a very effective way to reduce your cravings.

Avoid Getting Too Hungry

When we are extremely hungry, we may get uncontrollable cravings and can make wrong choices. Cravings tend to increase when we’re hungry. We then feel like eating chocolates, pizza, sweets, etc. Add complex carbs like brown rice, sweet potato, whole wheat bread, oats, and whole grains to your diet so that you stay energised for long, and don’t get uncontrollable food desires.

Get Enough Sleep

People who sleep less and feel tired, have more food cravings. As their body is tired, they need something to eat all the time to stay energised. So, it is important to sleep 7-8 hours daily. Sleep is essential for our body and mind, and also reduces cravings.


Overcome Stress Eating

When we are stressed out, we tend to fill up on sweets or chocolates. Basically, we want to eat. This is one thing you should try to control. You can go out for a walk, exercise, call a friend, etc. to try and reduce your stress levels.

Psychological Factors

If you want to achieve your fitness goals, you need to be mentally strong. Visualise for yourself how you would look in six months or a year if you keep eating junk food. Also, visualise how you would look if you eat healthy food most of the time. Search for motivation within yourself and it will really help.

After following the above tips, if you still experience cravings, then go for healthy snacks such as bananas, popcorn, boiled eggs, avocado, roasted foxnuts, roasted chana, fruits, salads, etc. You should always keep healthy food options as a backup. Cravings are not long-lasting and can definitely be overcome.

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