To-Do List Before Getting Hitched 


Your wedding has been fixed. The dates have been decided and wedding planning has already begun in full swing, from an endless shopping spree to salon appointments and gym sessions. You are going from being single to hitch pretty soon and you must be all excited to spend the rest of your life with your ‘prince charming’. 

But the singlehood that you are enjoying right now won’t come back. Being single has its own pros and we advise you to enjoy every moment of it. Thus, we have brought you a list of things that you must do before tying the knot and have the time of your life. 

1. Trip With Your Friends

One thing that you are surely going to miss once you are married is having those carefree days with your friends. A trip with your besties is, therefore, a must before you embark on the new journey of life. Take a road trip to a far off place or go to a destination that you all have been longing to go. 

2. Spend Quality Time With Your Siblings

It has always been you and your siblings since the start and even you will agree that they are irreplaceable. Equations are definitely going to change a bit now that a new person is going to enter into your life. You won’t be able to spend the same amount of time with them. Plan outings, play fun games and have a gala time with them. 

3. Go On A Solo Vacation 

You may never get the chance to go on a solo vacation ever again. So grab this opportunity with open arms and pack your bags. It is not only rejuvenating but also gives a boost of self-confidence before starting a new chapter of your life. Find yourself as you get lost in the exotic location.

4. A Long Pending Activity 

Indulge yourself in things that were long pending in your to-do list. Once married, there are chances that you might not get time in the near future. Go for the cooking class that you have been long wanting to go or take up the art class. 

5. Sort Your Finances

The journey that you are about to start will have another person. The overall finance structure is going to get disturbed for once. It is better that you manage your finances before getting hitched. 

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