Token Of Love For Your Bridesmaids


Bridesmaids are what has now become a common-yet-crucial part of any wedding. Having fun bridesmaids is kin to having a third tyre in your marriage. A tyre which is supportive and ensures smooth functioning of everything in the wedding ceremonies. They make the bride feel extremely special and loved indeed. Don’t they? It’s time for you to make them feel loved, valued, and cared for too.

Don’t worry we are here to your rescue with a list of amazing gifts for your bridesmaids!

  1. Personalized Baskets: Pack your love for them in a basket of goodies. Probably one of the best gifts for bridesmaids with goodies tailormade according to your whims and fancies and get the names engrossed upon too to add a whole new level of personal touch. Personalized Baskets never go out of fashion and always grow love’s passion. You can shop them on Amazon.
    Add a personal touch, gift personalized. Source:
    Add a personal touch, gift personalized. Source: Etsy

    2. Snug Slippers: Who would ever say no to a pair of cosy snug slippers? No one, right? Personalized Slippers make the perfect gift for bridesmaids. The soft faux fur on each pair is customized with the name in vinyl lettering. Think out of the box and grab your bridesmaids a pair of Snug Slippers each at your wedding to get her ready as well. You can even get the names personalized according to your liking. You can steal a deal at Etsy.

    Slip Onto Snug
    Slip Onto Snug. Source: Etsy
    3. Jewellery Box: Glitter and Glam, dazzle and dress. When it comes to bridesmaids who does not love it? Well, a jewellery box is what stores the excitement and jewellery of every bridesmaid. It is something you can wrap without even a thought but small customization won’t harm anyone rather would add to the charm of everyone. Customize this Jewellery Box with your bridesmaids’ names on Etsy.
Jewel always gels well.
Jewel always gels well. Source: Etsy

4. Personalized Jute Tote Bags: Jute tote bags are not only classy but also have a whirlwind of positive impact on the environment too. Here are some advantages of Jute Tote Bags-

a. They are reusable and environment-friendly.

b. These bags are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

c. Cost-effective as they are cheaper than plastic and cloth bags.

d. String and can carry heavy stuff.

If you would like to grow a seed of love and contribute towards sustainability even when planning your tokens of love, get your Jute Tote Bag personalized here!

Jute Tote Bags
Jute Tote Bags. Source: Etsy

5. Pashmina Scarf: For those late-night evening walks or a style statement to plain whites, a Pashmina Scarf will set the dulls aside. A little warmth to a wedding never harms, this thoughtful gift of Pashmina Scarf to your bridesmaids will not only add warmth to your wedding but also to your relationship with them. Made up of eco-friendly silk and soft bamboo fibre, Pashmina Scarf is available in a range of twelve different shades, you can pick the colours at Bridesmaids Gifts.

Pashmina Scarf. Source: Shopify
Pashmina Scarf. Source: Shopify

Sometimes when love can’t be expressed, don’t let it suppress. Gifting your bridesmaids not only demonstrates your gratitude towards them but also lets your emotions seep through the little acts of love. These friends of yours who have been always there for you and now become your pillar as you turn to walk towards a new chapter of your life, a gift is nothing compared to their eternal love.