Top 10 Bridal Kaleere Designs

Bridal Kaleera Designs - Wedding Affair

Kaleere is beautiful accessories that are adorned by the brides on their big day. This quintessential piece of jewellery is especially worn by Punjabi brides. However, brides of every region now don kaleere with sheer charm and elegance. Kaleere adds a touch of beauty to your bridal ensemble. We know that wedding wardrobes are all about embracing your core and complementing your personality. There are a plethora of kaleere choices available like floral kaleere, seashell kaleere and kaleere with tassels. If you want to stay ahead of the fashion curve, then adorn this beautiful kaleere on your wedding day and captivate all the attention.  

Floral Kaleere 

Floral KaleeraFloral kaleere design is a unique style of kaleera. This design is infused with flowers and adds a dash of colour to the kaleere. This vibrant kaleere design apprehends your bridal look. The flower choices can be endless and it gives you the chance to also match your jewellery with the kallere, along with your quirky bridal hairstyles.

Pearl Embedded Kaleere 

Pearl Embedded KaleeraWomen love pearls. Pearls give a classy and sophisticated look to your bridal ensemble. This pearl-embedded kaleere goes well with pastel lehenga enhancing your styling quotient. The size of the pearls can differentiate from the tiniest one to the oversized one according to your styling aesthetics.

Mini Kaleere 

Mini KaleeraThis tiny kaleere looks so cute and is perfect to match the minimalistic vibes. Ultra-modern brides are acing the minimal sartorial realm and should opt for this kaleera design. They are not dramatic and elaborate which makes them easy to carry and convenient to manage. Try to match them with your bridal jewellery and you will look amazing.

Kundan Kaleere 

Kundan KaleeraKundan kaleere design has been worn by Indian brides for over a decade now. However, it comes in vogue with new additions like ghungroo, tassels, pearls and pom pom. Kundan kaleere are mostly worn in shades of gold and looks best with bright red chooda.

Palki Shaped Kaleere 

Palki KaleeraPalki-shaped kaleere is an exclusive design and looks mesmerising. This design is a reflection of a hint of personalised touch to traditional flair. They go well with pastel shades like pink, ivory or mint green. The dangling pearl strands at the bottom of the palki look beautiful and gives a structured look.

Seashell Kaleere 

Seashell KaleeraAre you planning a wedding at the beautiful seaside? Is there anything more ideal for a seaside wedding than shell kaleeras? We don’t think so unless you’re into shells as ornaments. The lovely off-white ornaments can be custom-built and look stunning with the traditional red lehenga.

Personalised Kaleere 

Personalised Kaleere DesignsWhy should your kaleere not be unique just like your relationship? Wedding kaleere designs can be personalised to one’s liking, and the greatest part is that they won’t break the bank as long as the customizations aren’t too excessive.

Jhumka Kaleere 

Jhumka Kaleere DesignsJhumka Kaleere exudes regal vibes. They look best with royal velvet lehenga in shades of purple, green or blue. For an extravagant Indian wedding, adorn jhumka kaleere and look at every bit of the traditional Indian bride.

Oversized Kaleere 

Oversized Kaleere DesignsThe bigger, the better. Perfectly complementing the maximalist vibes, oversized kaleere will make a statement this year. This design grabs all the spotlight and makes you look splendid effortlessly. Elevate them with pearls or tassels and make a statement on your big day.

Pom Pom Detailed Kaleere 

Pom Pom Kaleere DesignsEmbrace your inner bohemian with these tasselled kaleeras! You can’t go wrong with these because they’re made in brilliant colours that complement your outfit or create the ideal contrast. This is a unique design and adds a blast of colour to your extravagant nuptials.