Top 5 Beach Wear: Pack For Your Honeymoon

Beach Wear For Honeymoon - Wedding Affair

Once all the wedding shenanigans are over and you have exchanged your wedding vows to be together forever, here comes in your time to breath and have the time of your lives, The Honeymoon. This trip holds a special place for both the individuals as this is that one time that allows them to know everything about each other if unified in an arrange marriage and to re-live all the moments you dreamt as a couple if your amalgamation was a love affair. Right after the wedding, the stress for honeymoon packing begins but brides you need not worry because WA is here for your rescue. If you’re planning for a honeymoon at a destination that is full of beaches then, lets up help you get five utmost important beach outfits that you to add into your beach honeymoon wardrobe.


Bikini - Honeymoon Beach Wear

Pearl BikiniBikinis are undeniable the most important and obvious piece of outfit you need for your honeymoon beach wear. This garment is the one that will make your husband drool and go head over heels for you. You need to segregate your bikinis in two sections; one, the sexy plain clothed and two, accessorized bikini. For the first, go all black with sexy cut-outs that will allow your curves to be at full display. Pair it up with a waterproof watch, delicate waist chain and throw your hair up in a messy bun. For the Later, pearls are a great option to accessorize your plain nude crocheted bikini. Go for some light and subtle shell jewellery and try out some thin braids to add onto the aesthetic of your honeymoon beach outfit.

Demin Shorts

ShortsDenim Shorts are one of the most comfortable beach outfits for your honeymoon.  Grab two pair of shorts, a booty cut shorts and a short baggy denim and two pair to tops to go with it, a crop knot and tank top. Pair them up whichever way it suits you and accessorize with a big beach hat and a wooden backet bag.


SarongSarongs are one such beach wear that requires no introduction. This piece of garment is perfect to cover you up as you step out of the waters or complete your tanning. It enhances the vibe of your bikinis and make them work out as two outfits in one. Play with a plethora of vibrant colours and clothes that are available in the market and adorn the look of your favourite models.



Swimsuits are your honeymoon beach wear that will help you synch your body at perfect places. Shop for a swimsuit that has cut-outs to help your body to breath. Choose a one shoulder swimsuit that has belts to accessorize as it will accentuate your minimal look. Straighten your hair and grab onto to your pair of sunglasses to combine the vibe. Alongside, pack a surfer swimsuit for recreation water fun and pull up hair up in a neat ponytail.

Maxi Dresses

Cut Out Maxi

Wrap Around MaxiInvented in the 1960’s, maxi dresses have paved their way from daily wear to beach wear in specific. These flowy dresses come in various lengths and patterns making them ideal for honeymoon beach outfits. Add two maxi dresses to your honeymoon beach wardrobe, a straight body-hugging dress and a wraparound floral. The body-hugging maxi dress is perfect for a beach date night. The cut-outs will compliment your curves and the see through aspect of the dress will make your body simmer under the starry night. The purpose of adding a wraparound dress is to enjoy being the flower girl for a day as your go out for a walk on the beach or while you explore a nearby market. Add a flower crown and curl your hair into some beachy waves for an aesthetic appeal.