Top 5 Boho Jewellery Trends of This Season


As women, we absolutely love jewellery! Also, we can never have enough jewellery. Jewellery adds oodles of class to the entire look. Jewelled accessories are sophisticated as well as elegant and certainly helps to set oneself a class apart from the rest. Keeping up with the ever-changing trends is a must in order to flaunt your tasteful choice of jewellery among your compeers. So ladies! Brace yourself cause it’s time to revamp your jewellery-cases yet again. Here are the top 5 boho jewellery trends of this season to up your bijouterie game. 

1. Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched JewelleryWell, don’t be surprised by the latest jewellery fad. Although this may sound a little shocking, we assure you it is one of the coolest trends. Once you don a pair of earrings unlike each other, you are all ready to be the trendsetter amidst your family and friends. 

2. Shells and Beads 

Shells and BeadsJewellery made up of shells and beads are the most boho thing that you can possibly pull off. Shells immediately take one back to the leisurely beach vacation. This trend is likely to catch up in the days to come. Maxi dresses paired with shelled earrings are going to get all eyes on you. 

3. Chunky Rings

Chunky RingsChunky statement rings work wonders in enhancing your boho look. If you want to rock the boho look, these rings are a must. Adorn your slender fingers with heavy rings to make a statement of your own.

4. Bold Chain Bracelet

Bold Chain Bracelet

Bold chain bracelets are complement long flowy dresses very well. They can lend a suave and sultry aura to your look at the same time.

5. Layered Neckpiece

Layered NecklaceLayered neckpieces can be paired up with any casual attire. You can transform a simple look to sultry just by adding a layered neckpiece. 

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