Top 5 Choker Necklaces That Every Bride Must Own


Jewellery reflects a bride’s personality and the right kind of jewellery even enhance it. Picking the right jewellery amongst an array of choices is an extremely daunting task. The millennials are not the ones to settle for the passe jewellery, they always want to keep up with the ever-evolving fads. The latest fad is the choker necklaces that the millennial brides are totally crushing over. The choker necklaces are elegant and work well to uplift the aura of each and every bride. Wedding Affair is here to guide you through this latest fad and how to incorporate it in your bridal ensemble. Here are the top 5 choker jewellery that every bride must own.

  1. Gold and diamond


A shimmery gold and diamond choker necklace is sure to complement your modish wedding ensemble. Gold and diamond choker necklaces are dainty and work well to elevate your feminie aura.

2. Kundan


Kundan necklaces are a total show stealer and are a rage amongst the millennials. A kundan choker necklace is the trendiest thing that you are going to see in the jewellery stores.

3. Navratna

You can even opt for the navratna choker necklace to amp up your style game. A navratna necklace is perfect for your wedding day as it shields you from evil and attracts positive energy.

4. Bib Necklace

Today’s brides are very much fond of bib necklaces. Brides are ditching other necklaces to opt for this one. It looks extremely trendy and traditional at the same time.

5. Aadh Necklace

Aadh choker necklace is unique and it shall certainly help you to make your own style statement.

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