Top 5 Clutches That Every Bride Should Own


All brides are drop-down gorgeous from head to toe. The ensemble is perfect, the heels are classy and the makeup is on point. The only worry is where to keep the essentials like phone, lipstick, lip balm and many more. How amazing it would be if you could carry your essentials without spoiling the look of your very special day. There are several necessary things that you will need to carry along with you but there is absolutely no need to worry and fret. You can carry everything that you need while adding oodles of glamour to your look. Here are the top 5 clutches that every bride should own:

1. Velvet Clutch

This velvet clutch is a piece that is bound to elevate your look. You no longer have to feel shy about carrying your essentials, if this is the clutch you are going to carry. This violet clutch is extremely stylish.

2. Gold and Crystal Clutch

Gold clutches are simply a go-to for clutches. Opt for this gold and crystal clutch to flaunt your impeccable style quotient.

3. Multi-coloured Clutch

This multi-coloured clutch is all you need to amp up your style. It is extremely dainty and is certain to get an abundance of attention from each and every guest. The clutch is vibrant and shall add to your peppy vibe.

4. Elegant Nude Coloured Clutch


This elegant nude clutch is gets all the thumbs up from our side. It is perfect for various kinds of evening soirees. The clutch is extremely sophisticated and classy.

5. Sheeny Clutch


A sheeny shiny clutch is a must for any extravagant party or a celebration. This clutch by Love Moshino is very unique and is sure to draw many glares towards you in appreciation.

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