Top 5 Eyeshadows That Every Bride Must Try


A little eye drama never hurts! To set your look a class apart from the crowd, you ought to nail the eye makeup. It is one of the surefire ways to ensure to elevate your look to the fullest. Acing the eye makeup is a must if you want to stun your wedding guests and make the show-stopper entry that you desire. Millennials are opting for colourful eyeshadows to enhance their bridal as well as pre-bridal looks. Wedding Affair shares the top 5 coloured eyeshadows that every bride must try.

1. Coral Eyes

Coral eyes are the latest trend of the season. They look extremely feminine and are sure to add a dash to class to your look.


2. Pink Eyes

You can even opt for the pink eyeshadow lined with a black liner. Pink eyes look ultra-chic and one can easily wear the pink-eyed look at a cocktail party or a pre-wedding ceremony to astound the guests effortlessly.


 3. Blue Eyes

Smoky blue eyes are the ultimate way to capture the attention of each and everyone present at the wedding. Blue eyes look sassy and excessively stylish. Flaunt your unique style while keeping up with the ever-changing trend.


4. Golden Eyes

Golden sparkly is a novel way to get the undivided attention of your loved ones. Glittery gold works well with every kind of ethnic ensemble.


5. Dusty Pink

Dusty pink is the trending colour of this season. Opt for this colour so as to make your style statement. The colour is extremely sophisticated and shall flatter your ethnic ensembles to the fullest.

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