Top 5 Fun Games to Include in your Wedding Ceremony


Who said weddings are only meant to include dances, rituals, pictures, and tears? You could add up some glamour to your holy matrimony by increasing the fun factor too. Roll out a dice, or grab a rope, and get going with your friends and relatives to make your wedding one of a kind. We know how much you want to make these ceremonial days memorable to the core, and this is why we at Wedding Affair will try our best to help you out. Here are our top picks of fun-filled and adventurous games that will load you up with thousands of impressions to narrate to your future kids. No, these are not those cliche Bollywood inspired games where you are singing in a group, or indulging in a tug of war. Grab your popcorn, and your journals to make important notes –

  • Advice for Your Life!
Write the advice on a piece of paper.

What’s better than to seek advice from the couples who have tied the knot before you? This game will give a small insight into what marriage seems and feels like to most people.

How to Play – Gather all the couples and provide sheets of paper to each of them. Couples will now have to pen down their honest advice or tips to make a marriage work. This could be of some serious help to the soon-to-be-married pair, or could also become a material of petty laughter. Later, the couples can fold the sheet and place it in a large bowl. The main couple can then read the advice out loud and share a light heart-filled moment together.

  • Who’s That?
Showcase the unidentified images on the projector.

Now this is a very personal game, and the power couple might want to play it with their near and dear ones only. You need to make the audience guess who is being displayed in the older photos.

How to Play – A projector would be a convenient choice for this game. The main couple needs to accumulate pictures of their childhood, doing crazy stuff like doing a cartwheel, or bathing in a fountain. The spectators will then try to guess who the hero of the picture is – the bride or the groom! You could go a level up in this game by adding weird pictures to the album. For example – insert a picture of your fridge, or your workstation, you could even do your wardrobe. And let the audience keep guessing who the artist behind the art is. While the thinkers explain why they think this picture belongs to one of the partners, the others can enjoy a moment of laughter.

  • It All Comes Down to One Word
The game will create a fun energy in the environment.

Once again, an audience participative game, this one would be a roller coaster. Old and new couples can give one tag to their marriage for the power couple to make a judgement.

How to Play – Place all couples together in the room, and hand them over a pen and a piece of paper. Now, on the basis of their experience with marriage, the couples need to give a word to their entire matrimonial experience, like –  Apology. They could also draw a picture of their emotions! Place the chits in a huge bowl, and read the one words in front of everyone.

  • Cut and Fold
All the groups could bake together to please the couple.

Probably the tastiest game of the event, the end would surely be finger-lickin’ good. All you need to do is to throw in some flour in a tin, bake it together, and viola! The dish is ready.

How to Play – Divide the audience into teams of 2-3 people, or you could bifurcate them on the basis of families, or couples. Provide a counter to the groups where they can mix ingredients together to make a cake. Allot a time to the entire gathering in which everyone can prepare their dishes, and later the bride and groom can declare one winner out of all of them. Well what if there is no winner, and all of this was only done to quench the dessert temptation of the power couple?

  • Apple of My Eye
Blindfolded games are always fun.

So this is a customizable game where the host or the players can set a common goal, and all couples need to equally perform in the game to grab the first spot.

How to Play – Take all the couples to the ground and blindfold one partner from each pair. Place the blindfolded ones in a straight line and their partners on the opposite side. Create a goal to accomplish, like – making it to the end of the line, or catching a particular person from the crowd. The partner on the outside needs to guide the blindfolded one towards the goal, and the blindfolded one needs to trust and follow the instructions of the other. What follows is a chaotic laughter where everyone is bumping into each other!

Okay, ready get set? So, these were our ideal games that you could inculcate in your wedding ceremonies. You could also spice up these games by adding your touch of fun and quirk to the same. Grab your papers and pencils, and pull the whole of your guest list to the stage and get going.