Top 5 Jewellery To Ace the Cocktail Party Look


When there is a wedding marked on your calendar, it must certainly be lined up with a few cocktail parties. Decking up for a cocktail party is quite stressing. You don’t want to look overdressed or even mildly dressed. To strike a balance between the two is the key to nail a cocktail party look. And of course, it cannot be complete without the sheeny and shimmery accessories to accentuate the ensemble. Cocktail party looks ought to be glamorous as well as sophisticated and without the perfect jewellery you cannot make a head-turning entry into the party. Here are the top 5 jewellery to ace your cocktail party look.

  1. Dainty Necklace

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An impressive pearl necklace shall make for the perfect jewellery to accentuate your look to the hilt. Pearl necklace makes you party ready in an instant.

  1. Sleek Bracelet


A minimal bracelet on your wrist shall work best to amp up your cocktail party look and keep up your style quotients. Ditch the traditional bangles and opt for a modish bracelet to flaunt your impeccable style.

  1. Rings


Cocktail looks can never be complete without rings. Rings work like magic to enhance your whole look. Furthermore, rings add feminity to your aura as well.

  1. Elegant Earrings


When dressing up for a cocktail party don’t go all over the board and opt for those loud earrings. A pair of simple and sophisticated diamond earrings will speak best for you.

  1. Minimal Anklet


Anklets have a way to attract attention like no other. Anklets can literally elevate your look almost immediately. A sleek thread like anklet shall be a perfect companion to the cocktail party.

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