Top 5 Jewellery Trends That We Are Totally Crushing Over!


Jewellery is a way to accentuate your beauty. With sophisticated and elegant jewellery one can literally transform anybody’s appearance. Jewellery can elevate your look in an instant, provided you pick the kind of jewellery that complements your ensemble. Millennials are fast ditching the traditional intricate jewellery for the lightweight statement pieces. The millennials are preferring studded ornaments instead of the elaborate ones. Prominent jewellers in Delhi such as Om Jewellers, J.K.J Jewellers and Fine Gujranwala Jewellers opine that the millenials are magnetised towards the classy simple pieces of jewellery that can easily be worn at more than one occasion. Wedding Affair shares the top 5 trends that the millenials are crushing over. 

1. Studded Diamond


Since its inception, diamonds have managed to magnetise everyone’s attention. Studded diamonds are these days are gaining popularity more than ever. 

2. Elegant Platinum

Platinum jewellery are excessively sophisticated and can be worn at any and every occasion. Platinum jewellery even complements formal attires and well as evening gowns. 

3. Rose Gold


Rose gold has become one of the trendiest picks amongst the millenials. It adds class and sophistication to an ensemble with grace. One can easily set oneself a class apart with this exquisite jewellery.


4. Pearls


If you wish to follow the trend of minimalism, pearls are the best choice for you. Pearls are extremely chic and has been adding beauty to women of every age since generations. 

5. Single Gemstone Jewellery


The brides today are opting for subtle jewellery, something that is not for a single occasion but for many occasions. The single gemstone jewellery is


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