Top 5 Natural Face Remedies for Brides

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Top 5 Natural Face Remedies for Brides: The face is something we all sincerely keep care about more than any other body part. This applies to all, the first thing we notice in anybody when we first encounter them is their face, its complexion, skin type and how the person has done makeup on it.

Applying the products available at present in the market include a lot of chemical elements, which can harm your natural beauty. No worries! We are here with some homemade solutions to this.

Ingredients to apply on the face at night

Looking for some natural glow in your wedding?  Start applying the most suitable options available below as per the comfort of your skin and take a self-care initiative today. The natural ingredients have the least side effects, thus using them on your skin prior wedding to get the real glow.

Sounds astonishing, right? Yes, oranges are a good source of vitamin c, which is beneficial for your skin glow. Oranges are also rich in citric acid which exfoliates your skin and if done in the long term, will produce collagen. Collagen is known as the key to glowing and vibrant skin. With the help of this natural remedy you get rid of tans, dry out existing acne, and cleanses the skin from deep within. Apply it at night with little turmeric and  2-3 drops of essential oils with cotton, let it dry, wash your face with cold water, and see the result. To get a fresh glowing look the next day, apply this mask on your skin at night and keep it overnight. Wash your face in the morning with cold water to get the best results.

  • Gram(Besan) flour face pack

    Natural face remedies
    The traditional care

Used for ages, the most traditional way to keep care of your skin glowing, tan-free and blemishes. Gram flour contains zinc, and when applied on the face with other beneficial ingredients it gives the best result. It is also merged with turmeric powder and essential oils for the Haldi ceremony of a wedding. You can apply this face pack with turmeric, lemon juice, curd, raw milk, sandalwood powder, fenugreek powder, essential oils, honey and egg white. It is recommended from our side not to apply this overnight, although it will not show any side effects for the present, as you’ll grow older it will make your skin saggy with time.

  • Rice Flour face pack

    Rice flour face pack
    Freshness with Rice Flour

Succeeding this home remedy, next in the queue is rice flour face packs. Rice flour can exfoliate and brighten your skin like other natural ingredients remove tan from your face. It is also used since ancient times, but this face pack has to be made fresh and then applied to the face. An old rice flour pack applied on the face will not work as conveniently as and freshly made one. It helps in skin lightening, and skin whitening removes impurities, and evens the skin tone. You can mix rice flour with ingredients like a black tea bag, turmeric, cream, rosewater, honey, aloe Vera, blended cucumber, tomato juice, grated apple, castor oil, and even gram flour. Do not keep it for too long as it absorbs the oils from the skin and may end up making your skin dry.

  • Coffee face mask

    Coffee face mask
    The Anti-Ageing mask

One of the most trending ways to get the right glow. Use ground organic coffee for this pack. Coffee works as an exfoliator that helps in stimulating blood flow, which reduces acne and even heals stretch marks. It kills the dead cells, removes dirt, and get a new glow and brightness to your skin. With coffee, you can add turmeric, curd, mashed boiled pumpkin, milk, coconut oil and lemon. Coffee face pack removes dead skin cells and gives you smoother skin at last. Like orange juice, coffee does have the ability to boost collagen and make the skin firm and radiant. Coffee is rich in antioxidants and thus works on anti-ageing. Similarly, like other face packs rinse off this pack with cold water to get the best results.

  • Activated charcoal face mask

    Natural face remedies
    Activated charcoal glow

Another trending remedy for the social media generation, activated charcoal has its benefits when applied on the face as a mask. Activated charcoal clears the pores on the face, and it can be used as a natural ingredient for teeth whitening. With this activated charcoal powder, you can use raw honey, Multani mitti, baking soda, coconut oil and tea tree oil. Rinse off with cold water and get a fresh feeling. One of the finest natural face remedies for the bride.

Some other things to keep in mind

All of these packs are homemade, thus it’s better to apply them at night. Do not app any cream or cosmetics just after you rise off the mask. Along with these face packs, try meditation twice a day minimum of 10 minutes, and simple stretching exercises. Try and eat more organic fruits every day than junk food. Start apply these natural face remedies from today.