Top 5 Offbeat Wedding Destinations

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When choosing a destination for your wedding, one needs to have their priorities set well in advance. Whether you want the classic wedding venues or you are more of an experimenter, you have to know beforehand. If you ask us, we’d suggest you to opt for destinations that are less than popular, something that makes your wedding unique. Pick destinations that leave your wedding guests mesmerised. Make your special day even more special by choosing a unique destination that uplifts your soul. Wedding Affair shares the top 5 offbeat wedding destinations that is bound to be uber unique and impressive.  

1. Rishikesh


Keeping off the cliched glitz and glam, Rishikesh makes for a wonderful place to tie the knot. Rishikesh is the perfect place to get wedded if you have a spiritual heart.

2. Pushkar


Pushkar shall be one of the mainstream wedding destinations in the coming years. Before it gets ruined by the extreme touristy rush, take the plunge.

3. Agra


Get wedding in the city which holds the symbol of love, the Taj Mahal. Nothing can be as romantica as getting married in the mystic land of Agra. 

4. Mussoorie

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Mussoorie is a hill station that abounds in nature’s bounty. It hasn’t been established as a wedding destination as yet but it certainly holds numerous unexplored venues where you can exchange your wedding vows in grandeur.

5. Amritsar


Amritsar is another beautiful destination where you can get hitched. The Golden Temple is one of the places where coupled tie the knot and make their wedding days count.  The months from September to November are apt for celebrations.