Top 5 Stunning Temple Jewellery For The Bride Who Is Traditional At Heart

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Temple jewellery originates from the South India. One cannot imagine a South Indian bride without she being laden with oodles of temple jewellery. The South Indian traditions involve adorning the gods and goddesses in the form of jewellery to add to the bride’s pristine beauty and hence the temple jewellery has various deities embedded in it. Although it is made up of various precious stones and metals but it is the golden ones that have been preferred the most traditionally. A bride adorning temple jewellery looks no less than a goddess herself. Temple jewellery is all you need to get an ethereal aura.Here are the top 5 stunning temple jewellery for the bride who loves to go the traditional way.

  1. Get The Queenly Aura

In order to get the regal aura like that of a queen all you need is to pick the right kind of temple jewellery. Choose jewellery that is both intricate and is detailed. You are allowed to go a little overboard when it is comes to nailing the regal look.

2. Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is known to bring good fortune and thus some brides believe one ought to adorn goddess Lakshmi. This necklace embossed with the figurine of goddess Lakshmi is extremely bewitching.

3. Sleek Two-layered Temple Jewellery


If you wish to opt for something simple, you can go for the sleek two-layered temple jewellery. A sleek piece of temple jewellery resting on your neck shall truly elevate your look in an instant.

4. Ganesha Temple Jewellery

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This temple jewellery bearing the imprint of Lord ganesha is nothing but a piece of delight. Most traditional brides choose to don a jewellery bearing a Ganesha as Lord Ganesha is said to bring peace and prosperity to any new venture.

5. Gemstones With Temple Jewellery


Heavy pieces of temple jewellery studded with various colours of gemstones also amp up the appeal of these jewellery.

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