Top 5 Stylish Groom Jewellery

Groom Jewellery

Top 5 Trending Groom Jewellery: Wedding season never really leaves India. Usually, the bride is the centre of attention. Grooms are always overshadowed by the beauty and charm of the bride. Most of the time and efforts are devoted towards the bride-to-be. From wedding outfits to wedding jewellery she is the major focus. But, now, the time is changing and why should girls have all the fun?

Grooms are those sweet creatures who do not ask for much and still manage to look stunning. But there should be something that adds more grace to their already pretty look. There are so many jewels or accessories that the groom can put on to his wedding look. Wedding Affair introduces you to the trending groom jewellery that you can opt for on your wedding day.

The Exquisite Haar

groom haar
Ace up your wedding look

Necklace or Haar is the most intensifying groom jewellery that has always been in trend. Necklaces come in so many varieties. They are in single or multi-layered chains. They can be paired up with suits or sherwanis whatever suits you. This will ace up your groom’s look and will match the level of your wife-to-be! Go for some exquisite colours like turquoise blue or green. The Pearl necklace will look absolutely incredible.

The Self-Tied Turban or Safa

Self-tied turban

Get rid of the already-made turbans and tie them all by yourself. This will give you the advantage of selecting the print of your own choice. If you are having a day wedding go for light colours. For the night wedding, choose dark shades keeping your wedding outfit in mind. The turban will make you look more handsome. Even Bollywood celebrities are opting for the safas as it is one of the most graceful accessories for a groom. Add it to your wedding wardrobe!

Glam up with Shades

Groom Jewellery
Look dapper in shades

It is well known that boys look utterly dapper in shades. So, ace up your groom look by adding shades to your wardrobe. The shades will make your entry to the venue more lush and grand. This will make you look more calm and cool. Your wife-to-be will never forget the crisp look of yours. Go for this look if you are having a day wedding. It will protect your eyes from the sun and you will look dapper at the same time.

The Regal Footwear

groom footwear
Notch up the game with voguish footwear

Not many grooms pay attention to this part. They tend to go for simple, outdated footwear. In today’s time, there are so many choices for grooms to go for ideal footwear. The embroidered juttis are so in fashion that you cannot just ignore them. The grooms can also notch up the game by wearing voguish shoes to their wedding. Take care of the hue that you are going for. Match it up with the colour of your outfit.

Say Yes to the Watch

Groom Jewellery
Enhance your personality with watch

Watches are always a yes whether they are for the ladies or the men. They enhance the personality of a person and also make you look modish. So, add a watch to your wedding look. Also, if you do not want to wear the bracelet, the watch saves you from wearing them. You can go for a gold-plated or diamond-studded watch. You can also go for colourful studs, too. Pocket watches will look very elegant and chic.

Embrace your Outfit with Brooch

Place it in the right position

A groom feels incomplete if he does not have a brooch on him. A brooch goes with every outfit whether you wear a sherwani or a suit. Go for a colourful stud brooch or a diamond brooch whatever suits you. Go for a light hue brooch at the day wedding and a deep colour brooch at the night wedding. Place it in the right position on your outfit.

Therefore, these are some trending groom jewellery that you can go for on your wedding day. These will make you look stylish and traditional at the same time. Embrace your wedding and cherish every moment of your special day with the love of your life.