Top 5 Travel Destinations For Couples To Ring In The New Year


As the year 2019 is edging to an end, it’s time to reflect upon the things you did or did not do, think about your new year resolutions and it’s also the best time to spend some quality time with your loved ones and celebrate your chemistry. And trust us when we say this, there’s no better/romantic way to express your sincere affection towards your partner than taking them on a New Year getaway, yes and then you would have left Hugh Grant long behind in the OGs of romance race. But it’s no secret that deciding upon one particular destination for your new year escapade can be quite an invitation for hours of research after work and heated arguments, which is tiresome, to say the least. But wisely enough, now you’ve found your safe haven as, we, at Wedding Affair, have specially curated a list of top five travel destinations for couples for New Year’s Eve to save you the hassle. 

1. New York, USA

Talk about new year’s and New York is probably one of the first names that would pop up in your head. Other than corporates marching around in utmost formal attires perennially and featuring as every writer girl’s dream destination in all the cliche rom-coms, New York is also best known for its splendorous new year’s celebrations with the ball drop in Times Square. As January 1 begins, the place turns into the world’s biggest party and enjoying the fireworks in the midnight sky with your beloved really tops the charts of New Year’s plans.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

If you’re not really amongst the ‘winter people’ and are actually looking for someplace where you don’t have to experience the nippy wind lashing in your face, then voila, Honolulu in Hawaii is exactly where you need to be on the New Year’s. Honolulu is definitely one of the best scenic beauties where you get to live the ultimate beach life and also enjoy some underwater wonders like the gorgeous coral reefs. On New Year’s eve, the Aloha stadium holds its annual ‘Party of the year’ celebrations which also makes it quite the spot for the party animals.

3. Paris, France

Paris, literally the city that screams love, should certainly not be left behind in his countdown as the place turns into something almost empyrean on the occasion of New Year’s. There are a variety of things that you and your partner can do here on New Year’s eve like enjoying a luxurious dinner at the Eiffel Tower’s restaurant or maybe a romantic boat ride down the Seine river or experience various local traditions. The choice is all yours.

4. Aspen, Colorado, USA

In the laps of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, situated is the ultimate getaway destination for all the nature freaks, Aspen. The place looks mesmerising during the winters because of the vast expanses of glistening white snow under the sunlight and it is set up for New Year’s with exclusive concerts and fireworks show which surely adds to its charm. There are also a number of adventure sports like skiing that you can enjoy during the day.

5. Venice, Italy

Say hello to the New Year from arguably the most romantic destinations of all time, Venice. As soon as we talk of Venice, the montages of couples enjoying a cosy time in a boat in the canals spread across the city with violins playing in the background start reeling in our heads and that’s exactly what Venice like, especially on New Year’s. Well, maybe sans the violins in the background. You can enjoy the marvellous views of the city through these canals and relish some crisp Italian wine from the homegrown vineyards of Italy and take part in famous local traditions like the ‘Lover’s kiss’ in Piazza San Marco.

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