Top 5 Trending Banarasi Silk Sarees

banarasi silk sarees

Top 5 Trending Banarasi Silk Sarees: When it comes to wearing something ethnic there is no better outfit than a saree. Sarees are one graceful attire that you can wear on any occasion whether it is on a large scale or an intimate one. A classic saree can make you look absolutely beautiful without you doing much effort. Indians have different kinds of sentiments attached to the sarees. And why not, they look so exquisite if worn properly. Drape it the right way and see what wonders can a saree do.

Banarasi Silk sarees are one of the finest sarees that look purely stunning once put on. They have the golden zari work which is why they have a soft spot in the ladies’ hearts. They have a vintage yet classy look to them. You cannot take your eyes off them because of the exceptional work on them done on them. Banarasi silk sarees come in numerous fabrics.

Here are some trending fabrics of Banarasi Silk Sarees that you must add to your ethnic wardrobe. 

Georgette Banarasi Sarees are one of the finest Banarasi sarees that one can think of. Georgette is a splendid fabric that is sheer and lightweight. They are further divided into three different types known Pure Khaddi, Khaddi, and Chiffon. So, go for these elegantly designed sarees and feel the easiness in them.

  • Organza Banarasi Sarees

    organza saree
    Pair it with simple jewellery

Organza Banarasi Sarees have an undoubted sophistication in them. Therefore, they are perfect to wear at a wedding, especially a day wedding but choose the colour accordingly. Pair the saree with golden jewellery and preferably keep it simple. This is because the saree itself is enough. So, put on this elegant saree and enjoy the affair without any hassle of carrying it because these sarees are not heavy.

  • Katan Banarasi Sarees

    Banarasi Silk Sarees
    It has the softest fabric

Katan Sarees, also known as pure silk sarees are one of the superior quality Banarasi sarees. You should definitely have this one in your ethnic wardrobe because they are made of pure silk. In the earlier days, they were woven by hand in the handlooms. It is the softest fabric and the purest one. The embroidery on these sarees is also very precisely done. Add this to your ethnic wear collection!

  • Tanchoi Banarasi Sarees

    Tanchoi saree
    Smooth texture make them delicate

Tanchoi silk sarees are said to be brought to India by the Chinese in the 19th century. It was later adapted by the Indian weavers because they were vastly liked by the Indians. These sarees are delicate due to their smooth texture they have. So, they require great care. Tanchoi sarees can be worn at a wedding or a close ceremony.

  • Tissue Banarasi Sarees

    tissue saree
    It has a metallic look

The name may sound a bit weird but there is nothing weird in these sarees. It is a pure silk saree which is made of silk yarn that is exceptionally fine in quality. The golden and silver zari gives the saree a metallic look which is quite unique. Hurry and have a new addition to your traditional attires.


There are other Banarasi sarees such as Shattir, Jangla, and Butidar Banarasi Sarees that are also one of the best banarasi sarees which look purely elegant. Pair the saree with a heavily embroidered blouse so that it adds more charm to your look. You can also go for contrasting blouses for a more bold and stunning look.