Top 5 Wallpapers To Jazz Up Your Abode


Home is a place where one finds peace and tranquillity. If you are a newlywed couple, sure you must be looking for ways to transform the vibe of your house. It becomes important to change the look and feel of the house according to your partner, just so your partner feels at ease in the new set up. There are numerous DIYs making rounds of the Internet to help you with the decor ideas. Most of the times they fall flat on the face. Don’t worry, here’s something certain to add charm to your home ambience, wallpapers. Here are the top 5 wallpapers to jazz up your abode.

  1. Subtle Floral Wallpaper


 A subtle floral wallpaper works well in creating a chirpy and peppy abode. A welcoming home must have something in floral. A floral wall art is all you need to elevate the look of your house.

2.  Lilac Wallpaper


A lilac wallpaper shall bring a vibrance to your abode. The color is soothing and perfect for brewing romance. For newly weds, a lilac wallpaper is truly a must have.

3. Customised Wall


You can even opt for a customised wallpaper that reflects you and your partner’s personality. Customised wallpapers are increasingly becoming popular amongst the millennials nowadays.

4. Modern Coffee Colour


If you wish to add a modern appeal to your home, go for coffee coloured textures. You can even opt for other shades of a similar tone.

5. Nature Wallpaper


There’s nothing so beautiful that can beat the scenic beauty of nature. If you and your partner happen to be nature lovers, you must most certainly pick one of the nature wallpapers. Nature wallpapers will soothe your soul while making for an excellent source of home decor.

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