Top 5 Wedding Themes for a Unique Wedding


Now-a-days, classics are casual. Why not spice up your wedding planning by adding some fun and unique wedding themes to it? 

If you’ve been searching for some unique themes for your wedding functions, Wedding Affair has got your back with a collection of wedding themes that will blow your mind! Since time immemorial weddings have been based on the classic themes of black and white or red and white, but with the increasing rise of weddings and budgets, you always end up looking for that one quirk that will make your wedding unique and memorable. Well, what better idea there is than to have a themed wedding?

Why Go for Wedding Themes?

Whether you want to highlight one function or your entire wedding, adding a theme to it will make it dramatic and fun while still keeping the heritage of traditions intact. You can choose a particular theme that tells your love story the best and get your guests more involved in your wedding. Additionally, having a themed wedding also helps in cost reduction as you usually have to pay for an entire package rather than particular functions. Wedding themes aren’t just for fun and flair, they can be personalised, budget-friendly and unique ways to celebrate your union. 

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Top 5 Wedding Themes for a Unique Wedding

Beach Weddings

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One of the most popular and successful themes for a wedding is a beach/coastal weddingWith colourful decorations and cool yet comfortable outfits, beach-themed weddings let you have all the fun while still keeping it classy. Along with being a functional option for all seasons, the scenic and photographic beauty of a beach-themed wedding, makes it an option not many can decline. Adding pops of yellow, white, green and blue with props like umbrellas, sheer drapes, and wooden chairs, breezy yet beautiful might just be the way to describe your wedding.

Bohemian Weddings

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While not a favourable option for the bourgeois, bohemian weddings have a quirky theme that appeals to many. Combining the trends of the late 1960s and early 1970s with some modern flair, you can go all out in a bohemian wedding with earthy decor, dreamy linens, and lots of wildflowers. With a colour palette of dusty pinks, soft reds and ivory whites, and decorations with dried flowers, vintage rugs and macrame, you have a dreamy wedding right in your hands.

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Fiction Inspired Weddings

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Well, for those who love out of the box ideas, a fiction inspired wedding may be your dream wedding. While Harry Potter themed weddings, and Bridgerton themed weddings have become a popular norm, you can go with your favourite fictional book, movie or song! You can arrange the colour palettes as per the fiction’s theme and use a variety of related props to add that spice of dramatic flair. 

Classic Weddings

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With so many to-be-couples experimenting with unique themes, the Classic Wedding has also become a unique theme. With a traditional black and white themed wedding or a red and white themed wedding with props like yellow and orange flowers, candles, chairs, keeping it classic is also the way to go!

Eco-Friendly / Natural Weddings

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Keeping it natural is not an option many would go for, and so you could always choose to have an eco-friendly wedding. This can be a forest-themed wedding, surrounded by wooden trees and tresses with eco-friendly decorations and props. Not only will this save a lot of money but also be a favour to the environment. Colour palettes of green, brown and white, with wooden arches and seatings and paper-based catering, it can be aesthetic and eco-friendly. 

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Choose any of these themes and head for a wedding planner who can help you turn your dream into a reality. If not, you can always choose to DIY your wedding themes.