Top 6 Classy Hairstyles For Groom

Hairstyles For Grooms - Wedding Affair

Summer is here and so is the season of weddings. The bride is the centre of attraction of the nuptials but the groom should look equally charismatic. While you might pick the most astonishing outfit, and opt for luxurious jewellery, you should also focus on the grooming part. Before choosing a hairstyle it’s important to consider your hair type, your face shape and the trendiest hairstyle that is fresh in the town. Opting the right hairstyles for groom can be a tedious task, especially in this scorching season when you already get a lot of sweat and itching and your hair doesn’t behave well. 

Here are some trendiest hairstyles for grooms to rock their wedding day. 

Medium-Length Textured Hairstyle

Medium Length Hairstyle For GroomIf you are someone with wavy hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you. Wavy hair gives you the benefit of choosing hairstyles as per your style, you can either add volume to your hair and make it look more natural or you can go for a slicked-back look. You can create this look by using a hair gel or a hair spray. 

Buzzcut Hairstyle

Buzzcut For GroomsYou’re thinking of opting for a very short hairstyle? Then Buzzcut can do wonders to elevate your look and shield you from the scorching weather. This basic short hairstyle will look good on every face shape. Buzzcut goes well with fine-textured hair, if you are not willing to go too short you can leave some extra hair length near the crown area. 

Classic Pompadour Hairstyle

Classic Pompadour Hairstyle For GroomLegends go for pompadour! No doubt pompadours look classy and elegant and are best suited for luxurious party events. You can pull off a clean and classic pompadour with a modern twist by using hair pomade. Providing the appropriate moisture and spotlight shine to your hair, this hairstyle adds volume to your hair. Classic pompadour is one of the best hairstyles for men.

Side Part Hairstyle

Side Part Hairstyle For GroomA hassle-free hairstyle, complementing both formal and traditional looks is the side part hairstyle. This hairstyle is the easiest to achieve. To sculpt your mane into an embodiment of perfection try hair wax, which enhances hair texture, nourishes your hair and gives a long-lasting hold to your hair. 

Side-Swept Hairstyle

Side Swept Hairstyle For GroomA super voluminous hairstyle that adds volume to your hair and gives you the freedom to restyle your hair is a side-swept hairstyle. Styling a side-swept hairstyle with hair products like hair pomade gives precision to your hairstyle. This hairstyle looks extra oomph.

Polished Fade Hairstyle

Polished Fade Hairstyle For GroomFade hairstyles are admired for the longest time and this hairstyle is not going off track anytime soon. Fade hairstyles keep the volume and length at bay and exude an edgier look. Including a hair wax in your daily regimen will help you to tame your frizzy hair and brings the A-game to your mane. It provides a strong hold and glossy finish to your hair keeping your hairstyle flawless all day long. 

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