Top 6 DIY Haircare Tips for Brides

DIY haircare haircare for brides

Glossy silky hair is every bride-to-be’s dream. But do you know how to achieve them with natural DIY haircare methods?

For brides, hair and hairstyle is one of the most important parts of their wedding looks. We don’t spend thousands of rupees on a hairstylist for nothin, right? Well, a hairstylist can only do wonders with your hair, if they are already of good shape and health. Dry and damaged hair don’t allow for a lot of experimentation for your wedding looks. Since every bride decides on a variety of hairstyles for the different wedding functions, you need to nourish and strengthen your hair with some DIY haircare tips mentioned below.

Healthy Diet

healthy diet for haircare

Haircare does not only include using a variety of effective products in your shampoo routine. It also includes adding active power foods and fruits in your diet to make your scalp stronger and healthier. Vegetarian bridges, add nuts, seeds, green vegetables, berries and avocado to your diet. Non-Vegetarian brides, go and binge eat some fish and eggs. 

Amp-Up Your Haircare Routine

haircare routine for better hair

Now that your wedding is near, invest in some salon quality shampoo and conditioner to have that glossy and shiny hair. Additionally, include exfoliating, oiling and masking in your pre-shower haircare routine. Make sure to reduce any chemical processes and heat styling on your hair before the wedding week.

You can choose to DIY it with a hair mask made from banana, yogurt, honey, egg, coconut oil and other nourishing ingredients. You could also go for, store bought hair masks from Dove, Kerastese and others. 

Regular Trimming Sessions

hair trimming for haircare

The ends of your hair are the most damaged parts, due to the variety of styling processes used on a daily basis. Therefore, 8-12 weeks before your wedding, begin scheduling regular trimming sessions.

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Hair Spas are your Besties!

hair spas for haircare

Nourishing your hair with deep conditioning hair treatments is a must! You can either DIY hair masks or schedule a spa session to treat yourself. You can buy some of the most popular and trusted hair masks like Olaplex or their hair repair treatment kit. For brides with dry and frizzy hair, Darshana hair masks work like magic!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

exercise for haircare

Brides, if you’ve been thinking that exercising is helping you to get that physical form, please think again. Exercises in the forms of yoga, or cardio add to your hair health as well. There are certain poses and routines that direct blood flow straight to the scalp and make it healthier. You can discuss with your trainer to include some of these in your daily exercise routines. 

Multivitamins and Supplements go a Long Way  

multivitamins and supplements for hair

Not only for your bridal haircare but also for your hair health in general, including healthy multivitamins and supplements into your diet gives your hair the nutrition it is unable to get from the food. Don’t get confused with many and stick to these three main supplements: 

Biotin: It helps in increasing the length of your hair but stimulating follicle growth.Try Power Gummies Vitamins for Gorgeous Hair and Nails. 

Vitamin D3: It leads to thick and bouncy hair. Try Himalayan Organics Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3 & B12 Bone & Joint Support Vegetarian Tablets

Hemoglobin: It prevents your hair from falling and strengthens your roots.Try Oziva Plant Based Bettr.Iron+ with Vitamin C- Folic Acid & Zinc.

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Before introducing your hair to any new products or including any new nutrients to your diet, make sure to discuss it with your hair stylist and health doctor. These are some of the most basic and easiest DIY haircare tips for brides to get that long, healthy, glossy hair to make you look radiant during your wedding!