Top 7 Off-Beat Honeymoon Destinations


Are the bells hitting off for you this season? Or are you confused if is the right time to hit it off? We say the timing could not be any better! All seasons are wedding seasons, but all destinations are not honeymoon destinations. Bet, you are worried if yours would be just another beachy trip on Instagram, or probably something that nobody wants to see. To take this worry off your shoulders, here is a list of some of the most beautiful and unexplored gems of the world you need to visit with your boo right after your vows!

  • British Virgin Islands, North America
How beautiful are these beautiful waves in the British Islands.

Located in the east of Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands is a treat to the eyes and peace to the soul. This group of 4 islands has a mesmerizing set of white sand beaches that are situated at such an altitude, and trust us, they are meant to take your breath away. Couples can indulge in St. Croix sightseeing and also, an underwater observatory at Coral World Ocean Park. This summery season is the best time to set your foot on these beaches where the day goes by off the shore and the nights are meant to run a cold breeze over you. There are multiple sea and oceanside bars along with restaurants to keep you full with some amazing delicacies of the world. Falling around a budget of $2500, this must turn into your next stop.

  • Matera, Italy
A romantic date night in Matera.

Travelling for honeymoon, and Italy doesn’t make it to list? Ah, impossible! Shining like rust in the days of summer, Matera is a springy destination for all our summer lovers. This city is exactly what you witness in movies, with all the tinted walls, low-key roadside cafes, and bricked-stoned staircases. Moonlight peeps right through your wine glass when you’re having a lavish dinner at a historical restaurant that offers you a wide range of exquisite cuisines. This place is culturally diverse (named a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and at the same time, a cocktail hub for all the party freaks. Starting with a budget of $3000, this gem is worth exploring in the months of August and September.

  • Quebec, Canada
A serene view in Quebec.

One of the most scenic destinations across the globe, Quebec definitely had to make it to this list. Sitting near the Saint Lawrence River, Quebec is a happy friendly corner of Canada. From a water view like Montmorency Fall to a fairytale castle-like Château Frontenac, from a walkover like Wakefield Bridge to a dewy farm like Rougemont Apple Orchards, you name it, Quebec got it! Loaded with so many picturesque spots right around all the corners, this city is a win-win for all the not-anymore-hopeless romantics. Get ready to fix your spot at all these places in the months of April, May, or June (almost there!) with a budget that lies around $4500.

  • North Kerala, India
North Kerala is the most picturesque place of all.

Named as one of the 10 paradises in the world, Kerala is undoubtedly a great location for the newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon. While there are multiple famous tourist destinations located within the state, Wayanad, North Kerala region is still somewhat unexplored. The couples can enjoy magnificent Edakkal caves along with Nelliyampathy Hills in a single day.  While Kerala is beautiful throughout the year, the best time to visit Kerala is said to be between December to February. This is an economical yet fancy honeymoon option falling under $1000.

Vermont, USA

For all the nature lovers, Vermont is a heaven that they should surely visit. The new couple can spend a relaxing time surrounded by forested natural beauty, magnificent green mountains along with mesmerizing scenic hike trails along. A brewery tour experience in Burlington is a perfect way to try something new with your partner while the Lincoln Family home will surely excite all the history lovers. The newlyweds can explore this beautiful city for a mere $3200 for a week-long trip.

  • Lapland, Finland
Lapland is truly worth a shot.

Situated in the Northernmost region of Finland, Lapland is the most perfect honeymoon destination for couples who have an undying love for winters. Gazing at the northern lights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that couples should surely enjoy together. This is probably the only destination on this list that will offer you to enjoy a husky safari and reindeer ride. Couples can also visit Santa Claus village and actually meet Santa together. Couples can enjoy a beautiful honeymoon 4-day stay at this beautiful location for just under a budget of $3200.

  • Lhasa, Tibet
One of a kind view in Lhasa.

Popularly known as “City of Sunlight”, this city has an abundance of scenic beauty and a wide variety of tourist spots. For couples who enjoy history and have a religious inclination, Lhasa is perfect for them. This beautiful city is filled with noble places and temples such as Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery, and Jokhang temple. There are multiple spots within the city such as Chakpori Hill and Zongjiao Lukang park that are a perfect background for aesthetic couples photoshoots. For couples who have a budget of $2000, this is a perfect honeymoon destination to explore. 

Phew, interesting trip, wasn’t it? Wishing you were brunching at one of these beauties rather than creating a wish list over a magazine, what are you waiting for? Pick the right spot, book the tickets and fly off to the next trending honey destination before anybody else does!