Top 7 Trending Footwear for Brides

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Top 7 Trending Footwear for Brides: Wedding planning is a huge task and you cannot afford to leave one small detail while preparing for it. For that, you make a checklist. And even that checklist tends to miss some essential items. The bride and the groom are the protagonists of the whole picture. And this happens time and again they forget some major things, especially the bride.  Footwear is one of those necessary things that are often not paid much attention to.

Footwear is that dark horse that is remembered when the bride is getting dolled up for the wedding. Footwear grace the complete look of a person. Bridal footwear act as a cherry on the cake of the bridal look. Therefore, you have to give enough time in selecting them. Trends keep on changing in a blink. So with the footwear.

Here are some trending footwears for the bridal trousseau that you should definitely consider for your wedding day.

  1. Twinkling Stilettos

    shimmery stilettos
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Stilettos are a girl’s first love when it comes to wearing something chic on the feet. Sparkling stilettos are so in trend. They look eccentric and elegant at the same time. These high heels make you look poised and of course, make you look tall. Add these twinkling footwear embellished with sequin to your bridal trousseau.

  1. Sandals

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Sandals are one of the bride’s favourite footwear as they are the most comfortable ones in the whole bridal look. Apart from being comfy, they look very stylish as well. Floral embroidered sandals or dolly-designed ones are very in. They come in many varieties. So, choose according to your preferences.

  1. Customised Sneakers

    Trending Footwear for Brides
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What can be more cool and pleasing than wearing sneakers at your own wedding? Comfort comes above anything else. And when it gets combined with the style it is the most amazing thing. You can get them personalised. You can go for metallic colours as they will look more fascinating and will add more charm to the whole bridal look.

  1. Floral Wedges

    Trending Footwear for Brides
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Floral wedges are another trend that is going on these days. Wedges are always loved by women because of the height they provide them. Additionally, wedges are very comfortable to walk in. they give proper balance to your feet so no chance of tripping. Floral wedges are an exemplary choice for brides.   

  1. Cutout Cage Sandals

    Trending footwear for brides
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These sandals look absolutely extravagant as they are very modish and always look different. Cutout cage sandals are always in trend. They just keep getting modified. You can try unique colours. Metallic hues are in vogue.

  1. Pointed Toe Heels

    Trending footwear for brides
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Elegant and trending footwear that is easy to handle. Pointed toe heels balance your feet and make the walk comfortable. Go for some trending hues and textures. These shoes will go with western outfits as well.

  1. Juttis

    Trending footwear for brides
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Wearing juttis at your own wedding will give some chill vibes as the name giving. You can pair your bridal look with these traditional yet chic shoes. Go for contrasting colours or can pair them with the colour of the lehenga.

Footwear boosts your morale and makes you look self-assured. Hopefully, you will not ignore the footwear part and feel more exhilarated while shopping for your bridal footwear.