Top 7 Ways To Maintain Healthy Nails

Ways To Maintain Healthy Nails - Wedding Affair

Nails are the distinctive selling feature of your hands, which gives them an elegant appearance. Along with being graceful, it also serves as a robust shield, protection, and barrier against environmental toxins. Nails are made up of keratin, which makes them flexible but also fragile. You can choose an artificial approach to give your nails a wonderful length, but to keep naturally healthy nails, you must focus on the most fundamental aspects that will improve your nails’ overall health. Wedding Affair presents you with a well-crafted list of ways in which you can have strong and healthy nails.

Eat And Drink

Drink Water For Healthy NailsIf you’ve encountered dehydrated, cracked nails that appear fragile or snap easily, you understand how upsetting it can be. However, it seems that the condition of your fingernails may be a sign of underlying health issues or may just be an obvious sign that your diet is deficient in some essential vitamins and nutrients. You may strengthen and support the growth of strong, healthy nails by including fruits, lean meats, salmon, leafy greens, beans, eggs, nuts, and whole grains in your diet. Additionally, having healthy nails requires consuming enough water. Nails can become brittle, break down, and rip easily lacking enough moisture. Enough water intake keeps them strong and helps them maintain moisture, supporting the general health of your nails.

Keep The Nails Short

Keep The Nails Short For Healthy NailsNormalizing shorter nails is the best approach to keeping them healthy. Long nails are hard to manage, put too much pressure on the nails, break easily, and negatively affect the health and growth of the nails. Once they have been trimmed to the proper length, keeping shorter nails, such as French manicures, will make it easier to keep them clean. Become an expert filer and aim to avoid having shapes that are likely to cling to your clothing or other objects in your environment. To maintain proper nail care, keep your nails in shapes like rounds and ovals.

Avoid Nail Paints And Extensions

Avoid Nail Paints & Extensions For Healthy NailsAlthough often applied artificial nails and nail extensions are marketed as a simple solution for people who have difficulties growing their nails, doing so can weaken your natural nails. Additionally, overusing acetones to remove nail polish can harm the health of your nails by leaving them dry and brittle because the top layer washes off with the nail polish. Additionally, for all the reasons listed above, avoid getting sanitizers and wipes in contact with your nails if you frequently use them.

Apply Base And Top Coat

Apply Base & Top Coat For Healthy NailsA base to the nail and a top coat following your nail paint will only add and enhance your overall nail care, making it easier for you to maintain healthy nails. They are especially helpful when your nails are on the weaker side because they provide your nails with an additional protective barrier from things like dehydration and breakage. The base coat, when applied to the nails before the nail paint, leaves the nails nourished and protected, and the top coats protect your nail paint from cracking and peeling. Additionally, it keeps your perfectly manicured nails looking beautiful for longer, making it easier for you to maintain strong nails as you won’t need to change them as regularly.

Cuticle Care

CuticleA thin layer of dead skin called the cuticle clings over the nail plate. They serve a specific function to keep your claws firm and healthy, preventing them from looking brittle or damaged. Pushing back your cuticles and cutting off any extra dead skin are good places to get started with your cuticle nail care. Once your nail plate has been lengthened, massage your cuticles every night using cuticle oils to maintain them well-hydrated and in good condition. Avoid letting your hands stay wet for too long because doing so increases the risk of harm to this overlooked area of nail care. You should also avoid peeling or biting the skin at all costs.


Supplements For Healthy NailsSometimes eating does not immediately benefit us or replace our needs for nutrients to the amount we would like, so taking supplements becomes necessary to prevent this. A B-complex vitamin called biotin, sometimes referred to as vitamin B7, supports the proper development of cells and helps in the digestion of amino acids needed to make proteins, which are crucial for nail growth. It may take some time for the supplements to start showing positive indications because nails regenerate every three to four months.

Limit Manicures And Treat Infections Timely

Manicure Infection TreatmentKeep manicures basic to maintain strong nails. Remove your nail polish, get your nails shaped, and then have a new coat applied. Avoid having manicures consistently since they can cause your nail plate’s crucial layers to wear off, placing undue stress on your nails as they attempt to resist brittleness and weaken them. In addition, keep an eye out for any infections that suddenly appear and seek medical attention without waiting to treat them at home.