Top Foundations For A Flawless Wedding Look


It’s your wedding day, the day which you’ve been waiting for throughout your life. The elaborate plannings you made since you were little till this date about what are you going to wear, where are you going to get married, what kind of jewellery you’ll don and most importantly, how are you going to wear your makeup are finally coming to life. Apart from how the wedding venue looks, the only other thing that everyone has their focus on is, ‘Dulhan kaisi lag rahi thi?’   

The moment you enter the venue, all eyes are on you. Everyone starts talking about how your dress is, how your makeup is, what kind of jewellery you’re wearing and what not. 

Every bride wants to look the best on their Big Day and to achieve that, along with your dress, the makeup you wear should also be on point. The most important aspect of the makeup you wear is what kind of foundation you wear and does it match with your skin tone and skin type. Deciding the perfect foundation which will give you an airbrushed look and make you look Insta-worthy is a big task. For solving this purpose, always opt for an HD: High Definition Foundation have pigments that catch and absorb light, giving your skin an airbrushed-celebrity effect. In less than a minute, you’ll get a perfect base for your wedding day makeup. 

We know you must be engrossed in the wedding festivities that’s why we have prepared a list of A-list foundations for your big day to save you from all the hustle. 

1. Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick 

This foundation gives a  natural, soft-matte finish and is so versatile and lasts all day long and is suitable for all skin types. So dear brides, between the mehendi, cocktail or the wedding if you feel you need a touchup or want to hide a stubborn zit, carry this stick along with you for a perfect finish. 


2. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 

Ask any beauty professional which their favourite foundation is, and they’ll say this name for sure. The formula of this foundation works on every skin tone and suitable in every climate and doesn’t wear off.  It’s a light wear foundation which covers a whole multitude of sins and gives you a flawless complexion which lasts long. So if you are looking for a full coverage long-lasting foundation and you don’t have time for touch-ups in between, this is the best buy for you. 


3. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

Rumour has it that this foundation formula took five years to correct, so to say that we were excited to try it would be an understatement. This foundation is fully loaded with VC-IP, which to you and me is basically supercharged Vitamin C and will help decrease the appearance of imperfections in the long run rather than just covering them up. It gives a velvety and luminous complexion which lasts for the entire day. It’s a big yes from our side for your wedding day. 


4. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation 

Be it one pimple, or a forehead full of acne, they won’t stop you from looking flawless on your big day. This is a long-wear formula and evens out the uneven skin and provides full coverage. So you don’t have to worry about the uneven skin tone or imperfections on your wedding day, this product will solve all your problems. 



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