Top Nail Paints For This Season


Nail Paints are one of the most important products in the makeup category. Once you become a nail paint fan, there’s no stopping. Nail paints are one of the highest selling products of the makeup world. And why shouldn’t they be, they make our beautiful hands look more pretty within just minutes. There are numerous sorts of nail shines accessible in the market like French nail treatment, waterproof, and so on. Selecting a perfect nail paint might look easy but trust me it is not. 

So we have shortlisted some of the very amazing nail paint brands to make your hands look terrific. 

OPI Nail Polish


Sold in more than 50 countries, it is one of the best nail paint available in the market. They are completely valued for money as they last very long as compared to the other nail paints. They are known for their glossy look the most. 

Bobbi Brown 


Bobbi Brown is a very famous brand in terms of cosmetics. If someone wanted her nails to look very attractive and beautiful than this brand is best for them. Its nail colours are long-lasting, dries quickly and are easy to use as well. The fingers of hand and feet can be made very attractive by using different shades of this brand. Bobby Brown has now also introduced many trendy colours like orange, peach, green, etc.



It is considered as one of the leading brands of cosmetics.  The nail paints of this brand make every woman love her nails. Along with stylish nails, it gives you good quality along. The bottles of these polishes are very stylish, and small brush in them is very useful. It offers many colours either with shine or without shine. 

L’oreal Paris


L’Oreal needs no introduction as it is the leading brand for cosmetics. Its nail polishes come in different shades and shine that gives nails very elegant look. Its tagline itself says “because we are worth it” and trust me, the paints are absolutely worth it. Available in a plethora of shades, it is a must-try for nail paint lovers. 



It is a very famous nail polish brand all over the world. It’s nail polishes give a very smooth and natural look to nails. The nail polishes are very stylish and elegant. Its colours are very suitable to be used for any occasion. This brand continuously introduces new colours that are in fashion to meet the demands of users.