Top Ways to Wrap the Bandana Around Your Head


The fashion industry can never stop amazing us. With newer trends getting on the top of the list every day, it is insane how the market also tries to imbibe all of these in their daily routines. Today we are going to talk about the latest eye candy in the hairstyling industry – bandanas! These are small pieces of soft and printed clothing that are used to cover the area around the face, neck, and hair for styling purposes. Since these serve relaxed vibes, we are going to look at some doable tricks to sport these in different ways –

  1. Bowtie
Adorable bow tie bandana style.

This one’s a cute take on the classic bandana look. Of course, it has been tailored to fit the charm that women spread. Take a bandana and form a thick hairband out of it by folding it into multiple layers. Now tie your hair in a clean bun or a ponytail for the time being, and wrap the folded bandana around your skull. Make sure that you cover the hair on your nape and that on the front of your head. Secure the bandana with a knot sitting right above your forehead. You can also shift to any side of your choice. Style the lose hair in whichever manner you like and sport this cool look with casual outfits.

  1. Bohemian
Holiday vibes with the bohemian bandana look.

One of the most commonly adorned bandanas looks for the ladies is the bohemian look. It looks so chic and effortless at the time, that it is difficult to not try it on. For this, form a triangle of your bandana and hold it by the two corners of your hands. Wrap the triangle around your crown area, ensuring that the third point of it sits behind your head and not in the front. Tie a strong knot behind and secure the bandana with bobby pins, so that it does not fall off. You can now pair this one with a ponytail or open tresses. Add that X factor by pulling out a flick or two right from the front of your hair.

  1. Bun Magic
Effortless as ever bun bandana look.

This gives us the city outskirts mom vibe who has recently moved into a new place with her family and painting her new house with all the colors she loves. It is pretty simple to attain too. Gather all your hair and make a messy bun out of it as high as your can. Now roughly twist and fold the bandana so that it looks like an open rubber band. Wrap it around your bun and tie a knot to keep it intact. And you’re done! A super breezy beach look is ready to serve.

  1. Retro Inspiration
70s retro bandana look.

Well, if you think that bandanas are new to the industry, you are wrong. These small yet useful pieces of cloth have been on market for ages, but they just disappeared somewhere in the middle. Let us take some retro inspiration for today’s looks.  First, tie your hair in a clean bun so that it does not fall apart from within the bandana. Now, fold your bandana into a triangle and do the bohemian trick but backward. The straight-line should sit on your nape hair and the third point in front of your head. Two the two ends in front of your head and place the third corner beneath the knot. Doing this will keep your hair enclosed and cover all of it. use bobby pins to tighten the grip from the sides of the ear, and take a small section of your hair in the front and turn it into a bun if you do not wish to show the 3 corners of the bandana.

  1. Girl Next Door
Easy-to-do beachy bandana look.

Perfect for a brunch date, this look definitely calls all the pretty girls out there. Half-tie your hair by taking small sections from both sides and securing them with a rubber band or pins. Now, roughly fold the bandana and use it as a rubber band around your pony to cover your band or pins. That is all you needed to do to make those pretty tresses even prettier.