Tread into the wild with bridal jewellery


“Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique” –Jennie Kwon

And with power of such magnitude comes immense responsibility, responsibility to not just preach about being one-of-a-kind and stand apart, but to actually practice it. The finest way to do so is by commencing with your bridal jewellery. Instead of stocking up on the conventional and mundane diamond necklaces and kundan rani hars, cull pieces that are extraordinary and exude creativity, gallop to the wild side, getting inspired by the flora and fauna. Collect jewellery items that are tantalizing and articulate. The kind that will be ecstatically inherited by your daughter, letting her boast about a mother who wasn’t afraid to take risks and go wild.

Flower Power
Flowers are the penultimate choice, and rather traditional you’d say. But when done eloquently, jewellery inspired by flowers and forests can bequeath some masterpieces.

Birds of Paradise

Peacocks are birds that inspire artists all around the world, in ways more than one, crediting to their kaleidoscopic wings and majestic aura. But the oldest and most preferred form of inspiration is undertaken by jewellers, who portray the magnificent bird in various designs that are cherished by all.

Parrots or Parakeets are also a good option, much fresher and distinctive than a peacock.

Panther Please

Cartier designs speak truly speak for themselves. From stunning classics to predatory pieces, there is a vast variety to choose from. Our recommendation is to opt for a majestic and fierce panther cuff encrusted with diamonds, and pounce away to the wild side.

Princess and The Frog

Bring out the little girl in you who spent nights dreaming about her Prince Charming and pay an ode to the fairytale by clearing it to all that you finally found him. This is a good choice if you’re comfortable with the idea of going minimal and kitsch.

Mammal Mania

Gehna JewellersDSC8576 (1)

Trade the glass and lac bangles with ones that have the grand mammals on them to make a statement. A couple of them on your wrists, and you’re good to be. This is zero on the fuss factor and full on the style quotient. You’ll also do away with the hassle of matching bangles.

Snake Charm

Bvlgari makes it redundant to obtain any instrument for hypnosis, because their jewellery does the magic seamlessly. Hiss away! And don’t fret, they don’t bite!