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How many days has it been since you tried your jeans (it might not even fit anymore now)? With just regular zoom meetings being the only motivation to get out of your t-shirt, the days can get gloomy with mundane affairs. So, why hold back and let your spirits hit the rock bottom with boredom? Wedding Affair suggests having some fun with your loungewear wardrobe and monochrome outfits. We mean, as long as you feel good in your clothes, your confidence is sure to rise notches higher. So make your everyday stylish, even at home by styling your home outfits in the following ways.

Go Monochrome

Colour coordinating your pyjamas is the way to lend a simple start to your home outfits journey. Wear all white or all black and just relax. Praises will follow with ease. In the next video call with your friends and family, show off your monochrome style and let the compliments fill in your day with confidence. And hey! Monochrome must not mean going all white or black. Peachy shades and pastels are sure to suit men well. So give them a try and shine on!

Different types of white

First up, when we say all white, that includes off-white. Otherwise, you’ll look white as a sheet. To give your all-white outfit some depth, think chalk, ivory, stone, ecru and neutral tones which can be especially flattering for those with an alabaster complexion. To avoid looking like a crime scene investigator, you can break things up with contrasting shoes, belts and accessories.

Off-Duty Looks

As style portmanteaus go, ‘athleisure’ is easily one of the most awkward. The look it refers to, however, is anything but. Slick and simple, athleisure’s signature blend of sporty silhouettes and smarter fabrications is a natural fit for the sleek austerity of monochrome. White co-ords go so well with that athleisure look, you guys!Monochrome

White Jeans

Wearing white jeans can sometimes be a daunting thought for gents. Even if you’re adept at styling your favourite blue and black designs, attempting to rock white denim can present a challenge. But, don’t let that stop you from wearing these seriously cool pants. With a little knowledge of what to wear with your white jeans and plenty of confidence, you’ll be able to don these trousers in serious style.

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