Trend setting gajra hairstyles inspirations


Trends come and go , hairstyles change with the season but crisp kanchivaram saree with a hair bun adored with gajra is truly a never ending wedding trend. Beautiful and fragrant gajras never go out of style and are in fact  even the simplest of hairstyles to go not just with a saree but also with any ethinic clothes. So If you are looking for some ideas to include gajra in your hairdo for the next wedding, these gorgeous Indian hairstyles will get you sorted.

The Half And Half Gajra

This is one of the cutest gajra hairstyles, where you just need to tie your hair in a bun and secure only half a gajra below the bun (or over the bun) this gives a sleek and chic look . In fact, this hairdo worn by karishma Kapoor goes  very well with traditional and semi-traditional attires. Accessories with a bindi and Anarkali- type earrings to complete the look.

The Round Gajra With bmBun 

It’s a time-tested hairstyle – of wearing a gajra in a circle around a hair bun. Looks absolutely stunning and proper. This gajra bun hairstyle will never go out of fashion. You need to give your hair more depth by doing some layering in the front.

Turns-And-Twists Gajra 

For those who love contemporary hairstyles but with a touch of traditional pairing up agajra with flowing hair or twisting it around a plant is the best way to go  Make any kind of braid and let the gajra twine around it. This way, the gajra will not overshadow your overall look, but only add more beauty to it.

Colorful Gajra:

If you love gajras then why not try different colours cause to be honest flowers are not only meant to be in white  Introduce colors of your choice. In fact, add flowers that match your dress color. Better still, set a contrast by introducing different colors of flowers.

Low Bun With Gajra 

Always start with the basics! A sleek traditional low bun with strands of gajras and mogras sitting around is beautiful yet simple. It oozes the traditional vibe and grace with any outfit that you decide to wear. It also is the go-to gajra hairstyle for every bridal guest.