Trending floral arrangements for your wedding

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Floral adornments can take your wedding decor a notch up. They add to the fresh vibes and of course you can’t miss on the striking aura built by the fragrance! It has not been a run-of-the-mill lately and brides have rendered upon intense flower research and have raised the bar this year! If your wedding is coming up, then Wedding Affair has for you the trending floral arrangements of the year to prosper upon!

Tropical Lush

If you have a wedding amidst the serenity, foliage is your way. The trendsetter of the year, this arrangement creates an earthy vibe when white flowers embrace the greenery. Creating living green bouquets with textured acacia or foxtail grass.

Colour Palates

It’s high time to let go of our obsession with pastels and neutrals. Moody colour boards that make you ditch the monochromes can pull off a dramatic theme. Plums and dark purples, mauve and burgundy can altogether be your favourite when paired up with Pampas grass, curly willows or even feathers.

Jacalyn Beales

More Towards Nature

A truly new aesthetic towards floral arrangements this year has been the forage. It’s all about keeping it natural and undone. Floral arrangements with vines, leaves and branches can be this year’s most eco-friendly approach for a wedding décor.

Bohemian Bride

If you are the quirky bride, then bohemian is your style statement. Let the modern spirituality of your uproar with the vibrant rainbow palate. A tiara made of pink and purple peonies, sunflower and lily décor and pink dahlia bouquets can create an eccentric wedding.  

Circular Motifs

Hoop wreaths have been yet another fad this wedding season. Personalize your own dainty décor with lush green wreaths and use them for backdrops and be the trailblazer.  

Jacalyn Beales


Mandala creation with flowers, petals and other embellishments is sure to gild your wedding day. Beautiful symmetrical presentations can give your wedding an artistic feature and get hold of the good vibes for the big day!


Perfect for a beach wedding, these flowers when paired up with traditional classics can totally be an exotic giveaway!

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