Trending Ideas For A Bachelorette Party This Season!


Bachelorette and bachelor parties have always been popular as it is the bride and groom’s last night out with their friends before the wedding. With unique emerging trends and the added pressure of being different from others, one is often confused when it comes to freezing a theme for the party. Exploring different bachelorette party themes will add a fun element to a casual night out for all the brides and bridesmaids. Before you start planning, you can ask your guests to choose from ideas they would most likely enjoy. However,  if you are planning to surprise the bride or groom you can subtly find out their most favourite activities.

Pro tip: Give your guests enough time to plan out their threads and props for the themed party.

Wedding Affair is here to help you out with some cool and unique bachelorette party theme ideas to make it a memorable one.

Retro 80’s Party

The 80’s was quite an entertaining time, full of music, colour and fashion. The bachelorette party can rock with everyone dressed in 80’s garbs. Playing 80’s music, wearing retro style clothing, enacting movie characters and dialogues will make for quite an entertaining evening. Hiring a professional DJ for the night will help you get rid of the tasking job of selecting and playing songs. This way you can dance the night away to your favourite 80’s beats.

Spa Bachelorette Party

Don’t fret if going away on a long trip won’t work for you or youentourage. Take your girls for a luxe and rejuvenating weekend escape for your hen’s party. Enjoying some relaxing treatments and massages at a spa for pre-wedding pampering is an awesome idea for the bride and bridesmaids. After the stress-buster session, you can enjoy a scrumptious dinner and drinks at an acclaimed restaurant.

Karaoke Night

A bachelorette night can be about absolutely anything but most importantly, it should suit the bride. After all, the party is for her. If she loves to sing her heart out, planning a fun karaoke night will make the night unforgettable. A karaoke night with a delightful dinner is the most trending idea this season. The karaoke can be arranged on rent in a private hall or you can go to a karaoke bar to sing together.

Beach Party

If you are planning a weekend getaway for your bachelorette party, take off to the nearest beach and have a fascinating trip with your friends before tying the knot. Get a bit of the natural glow and plenty of time to bond with friends on the tranquil water shores. Coordinate a cocktail and musical night with the ocean breeze to make the night just that much better.

Vegas themed Party

Hold the bachelorette party at a casino – whether in a casino near you or go all out and fly to Las Vegas. It will add a twist to the traditional sleepover nights, in quite a grand way. Book rooms and enjoy a delightful dinner along with some gambling with your guests. The greatest thing about this gambling party is that you may walk away winning.

In the Heart of Nature

Plan your hen’s party as an excuse to try something new. If Zip-lining, parasailing and bungee jumping is what you have always thought of doing it is a wonderful opportunity to try these activities out. A day trip in the woods or mountains with your squad is always an awesome way to plan out some special time with friends.

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