Trending Jewellery for the Brides


Indian weddings are no less than fairy tales. From the wedding venue to the wedding reception everything has to be planned broadly and extravagantly in order to let things go smoothly. And who can be more excited than the bride herself? She is the main focus of the wedding and has to be at her best as all eyes will be on her. Jewellery is one the major elements of the wedding for a bride as it adds more grace to the already stunning look of the bride.

Jewellery in weddings tells everlasting stories and seizes the quintessence of the culture, and most importantly the distinctive personal heritage of the millennial Indian bride. Indian jewellery has the power to make a bride feel out and out from head to toe. So, this blog is for all those brides who are looking for the trendiest bridal jewellery this wedding season.

  • Shoulder Grazing Earrings/ Jhumkis

    Grace your ears with pretty Jhumkis

Jhumkis are the most traditional yet elegant piece of jewellery for a bride. Although you cannot see them when you have them on but you always have a feeling that something is securing and gracing your ears. Jhumkis or shoulder gracing earrings come in so many different styles and patterns that it gets quite challenging to choose which one you want to wear on your wedding day.

  • A Classic Choker

    Choker goes with any neckline

A choker is always a yes when it comes to pairing it with traditional Indian outfits. From deeper cuts blouses to high ones, it can be pulled off with n number of necklines. Chokers come in different sizes, unique colours and manners. Now, it’s up to you what kind of choker you want with your outfit.

  • Bridal Tennis Bracelet

    Choose wisely your bridal tennis bracelet

The chic tennis bracelets have embellished the wrists of Indian brides so much for so long. These graceful bracelets can be worn at cocktail events and weddings, too. These meticulous tennis bracelets come in so many designs. They have been in the market for 125 years and do not seem to get replaced by any other jewellery piece for hands. From classic to contemporary there are mass options available. So, choose wisely.

  • The Elegant Nath

    Nath is a modish piece of jewellery

The classic Nath signifies a sacred union of a woman’s life. It is a modish piece of jewellery that adds to her overall exuberance. It was brought to India by the Mughal emperors and since then it never left. Even, it is gaining more and more importance over the years especially the brides consider it as the main ensemble of their wedding. Naths come in many looks- from Marathi to Karwari. Select according to your wedding look.

  • Anklets are pure love

    Anklets are pure love

Anklets have an appealing nature that cannot be ignored. Anklets give a sophisticated look to the bride and work as cherry on the top, more like cherry on the toes. Anklets come in different regional styles like Rajasthani anklets, South Indian anklets, Marathi anklets, and classic anklets. These look absolutely gorgeous and make the feet feel beautiful. The tinkling sound also feels amazing. So, all the brides should consider wearing anklets to the wedding.

There are many other bridal pieces of jewellery like maang teeka, kamarbandh, rings, bichua, and bajubandh that brides should consider adding to their bridal looks. First, select your wedding outfit and then pair the outfit with the perfect and matching pieces of jewellery. Get all dolled up and enjoy your wedding day with a big smile inside and out.

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