Trending Mehndi Décor Ideas

Mehndi Décor Feature
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Trending Mehndi Décor Ideas

As the olive henna imprints itself on the bride’s hands, reflecting on the cherished bond of her and her partner, she glows in merriment in anticipation for what’s to come. Mehndi is not just a ceremony but an auspicious beginning of a sacred relationship.

And just like that, the concept should vibrate in the aesthetic of the Mehndi Décor. It should capture the essence of the bride and groom- be it flowers, drapes, embellishments, or a combination of all. Since every décor speaks for different type of moods, we feel it’s imperative to embrace that in the type of decoration.

So, we’ve combined a list that includes a little something for everyone- from our minimalist bride to chic, to the one who wants to go all out with the decoration.

Go back to your roots with a Folk Theme

Folk Theme
Folk Theme

Going vintage is all the rage right now. You can choose traditional decorative items that resemble your culture and recreate a beautiful village scene. There are many brides who are opting this kind of a theme for its rustic charm. Go for accessories such as lantern, kathputli, vibrant pillow sets and loads of garlands. You can even add mirror-work umbrellas to elevate the entire décor.

Carnival Time!

Carnival Theme
Carnival Theme

Remember one of the best days of our childhood was when we’d go visit carnivals. The vibrant decorations, quirky accessories were enough to put us in a good mood. So, why not go for the same vibe for the Mehndi Décor. You’d need eccentric decorative items like colorful kites, some feather-y dream catchers, bulb light strings, maybe asymmetric show pieces and much more. You can even arrange for a selfie corner in the form of a photo-both to complete the carnival effect.

Beautiful Floral Theme

Floral Theme
Floral Theme

Flowers have been the object of all the brides’ affection since time immemorial. We’ve seen marigold decorations and it never goes out of style. There are different combinations that you can choose from- and don’t you worry- they all look pretty. You can go for different flowers like orchids, gardenias, chrysanthemums, roses, or just beautiful climbers and baby’s breath. There are different combinations you can choose from. Better yet, hire a decorator who can help you execute that picture perfect floral aesthetic.  


Origami Theme
Origami Theme

This is the type of décor which gives you an immense flexibility to play around with colors, designs and is extremely easy to execute. You can go for a monochromatic look, using only one color for a piece or mix two contrasting ones- for a more vivid outlook. The best thing is you can carry out this décor by yourself and looks elegant and pretty.

Bollywood theme

Bollywood Theme Mehndi Décor
Bollywood Theme

If you’re a fan of 90s and 2000s Bollywood romcoms, and imagined your mehndi décor to resemble like its straight out of a B-town romance, this one is for you. With chic backdrop, extravagant décor items that scream celebration, this is one exquisite décor. You can choose from different movie themes and add in a “Filmfare selfie corner” with the revolving camera- to achieve that Bollywood themed décor.

Light it Up!

Light it up Mehndi Décor
Light it up

You don’t have to necessarily go for brighter colors. Pastel hue drapes or even simple white ones- illuminated with fairy light strings can work wonders for an evening mehndi function. You can add in pretty white flowers- to give it a dreamier touch.

Yellow floral theme for the beach

Yellow Theme Mehndi Décor
Yellow Theme

Yellow doesn’t have to limit to haldi functions. You can go for bright yellow and white themed décor for a livelier mehndi décor. For an evening function- you can even add bright light strings for a mystical aesthetic.

So, these were a few Mehndi décor ideas that feel can help elevate your mehndi function even more.