Trending: Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips For 2022 Brides!


The year 2022 is shaping up to be the year of the dazzling bride. With delicate glittering eye makeup, flushed cheeks, and pink nude glossy lips, flawless skin seems brilliant and lit-from-within. This look is refined and refined.

Brides have been experimenting with different bridal eye makeup trends for years. Many alternatives are available, but our personal favorite is the smokey eye with nude lipstick!

Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips ideas For 2022 Brides

Smokey eye makeup has long been popular, but brides appear to be going even further with it. Smoky eyes have been a popular choice among brides because of how seductively bold and beautiful they make one look. We’ve seen brides choose smoldering smokey eyes in black, gold, matte, and glitter for practically all of their wedding celebrations, be it mehndi, cocktail, sangeet, or wedding. The makeup appears light from every angle when coupled with a nude lip!

Brown-toned makeup

Brown-toned makeup

Brown-toned makeup options are, without a doubt, among the most flattering for brides. When coupled with a neutral lip, the color looks fantastic with any clothing. They’re especially ideal for brides who don’t want to wear black on their eyes but yet want to sport the smokey eye look. In fact, in 2021, brides with pitch-black smoky eyes were uncommon. Instead, we were fortunate enough to observe many people wearing smokey eyes with neutral and dark brown tones.

Slightly tinted/natural

Slightly tinted/natural make-up look

This bridal eye makeup is perfect for ladies who believe that keeping things simple on their wedding day is the best way to go. You may get this look by using delicate, skin-like colors on your lids with a flash of mellow color here and there. The idea is to create a good foundation and eye base so that your makeup blends in seamlessly with your natural skin tone. It may appear simple to achieve, but ask the cosmetic artists who do it. The simplest makeup looks to take the longest time at times.

Smokey eyes and lips in a blush tone for the win!

Smokey eyes and lips in a blush tone for the win!

The blush-toned smokey eyes with pink-nude lips are capturing everyone’s attention! Pink and its varied colors have the advantage of being employed in both subtle and strong ways. With this look, you can go full glitter or go for a softer pastel wash of color over your eyes. Overall, the appearance is contemporary and hot, and it’s here to stay.

‘Au Naturel’ Style

‘Au Naturel’ Style eye make-up

Every bride’s issue is whether to go for ‘high-glam makeup’ or a ‘natural makeup look.’ Those that opt for the latter choice never fail to impress us with their basic yet attractive appearance. These brides looked stunning in no makeup!

Monotone Bridal Eye

Monotone Bridal Eye

A monotone bridal eye has one hue only, as the name suggests. The hue used is usually the same as what the bride is wearing. Adding a burst of the glitter of the same shade, creating a gradient, or glamming it up by subtly adding another color are all common variants. Its older sister is what has become known as a monochromatic makeup look, which is applying the same color on your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Slay With Bold Smokey Eyes

Slay with bold Smokey eye make-up look

While we’re all major fans of the perfect dewy makeup look, we constantly cheer for high-glam dramatic makeup trends! All you need to do for your big day is look amazing. And such dramatic smoky eye looks are unique and almost suitable for any lady on her wedding day!

The strong smokey

Strong smokey eye look

Combining contemporary and heritage, this makeup style is perfect for the daring Indian bride. Dark matte brown smokey eye shadow with thick kohl-rimmed eyes, contoured cheekbones with a splash of blush. The blush and lip color should be in harmony for a look with strong smokey eyes suited for the contemporary modern bride.

The most glamorous of all is Halo/Cut-Crease Eye Makeup!

Halo/Cut-Crease Eye Makeup!

The most recent beauty trends are halo and cut-crease eyeshadows. They’re so appealing that some makeup artists specialize in them and take a specialized school to master them flawlessly. Halo eyes, also known as “spotlight eyes,” are created by properly mixing eyeshadow and applying a lighter, brighter (usually glitter) color in the center of the eyes to produce an intense eye effect. Cut-Crease is an eye makeup technique in which a distinct color eyeshadow is used to cut the crease of the eyelids with little to no mixing. This gives the eyes greater depth and makes them appear more open.

Shimmery Eyes

Shimmery eye make-up look

As a bride-to-be, you have earned the right to shine brightly. Consider making your eyes a little brighter as well. Brides who wish to add an elegant pzazz to their overall appearance could use shimmer or glitter eye makeup. Glitter eye makeup can be applied in various ways, from a small amount to all over the eyes. Choose the one that best fits your personality. Glitter bridal eye makeup is almost impossible to go wrong with.