Trending Colour Themes for the Wedding


As it is known that the wedding season is fast approaching and it brings abundant choices for the bride and the groom for planning their wedding. It becomes a hassle when you want everything exquisite but are short on ideas on how to make it desirable and eccentric. Here we introduce you to the striking colours and themes that you can go with for your wedding. Adore your wedding day with these radiant colour aesthetics.

Make your wedding attract a lot of attention with these colours and themes and give your guests a topic to talk about.

  • Moss and Blush

    The greenery trend is going nowhere

If you are planning for an intimate and lavish wedding then Moss Green and Blush is the colour you can go for because the greenery trend is going nowhere. The colour theme turns any normal picture into a palette. This colour theme is suitable for rustic weddings also. Go for your wedding outfits keeping the theme of the wedding in mind. Enjoy your wedding with this sophisticated colour scheme and the photographs will be just astonishing. This colour scheme will be suitable for a day wedding.

  • Shades of Purple

    Different shades of Purple

The colour purple is always good for spring and weddings. This eternal popular wedding colour has so many shades that will bring liveliness to your wedding. Make a list of the shades and select hues like lavender, lilac, and violet. If you want a flashy tone then go for deeper shades like wine and plum. This colour theme will be at its best at a night wedding.

  • Monochromatic Wedding

    Perfect theme for night wedding

Whether it’s clothes or food, the monochromatic colour theme is in craze among the people. Then why not go for a monochromatic wedding? If you are going for an elegant classical wedding, a monochromatic colour theme will be an out-of-the-blue choice. This wedding theme will be ideal for big fat Indian weddings. The bride and the groom can opt for their clothes in accordance with the theme. Have a separate space for the snapshots and make some incredible memories.

  • Ring of Jewels

    Choose a bold theme for your wedding

For weddings, people generally go for lighter shades. But don’t be scared of making a bold choice by selecting the darker hues in your wedding colour scheme. The tones of jewels can create an idealistic and romantic aura with a touch of regalia. You can add lots of candles and stylish lights to keep the place warm and shining if you are having a winter wedding. Choose your wedding outfits that have dark shades so that it goes with the colour scheme. This is best for a night wedding.

  • Dusty Rose and Ivory

    Choose a soft colour palette

Dusty rose is the coveted shade of pink towards which people are gravitating more and more these days. It is a very soft colour palette that will look simply amazing as a wedding colour theme. Pair it with mellow fabrics like linen and chiffon. Give the décor a silvery touch for depth and noticeable interest. Choose this colour scheme for a day wedding.

  • Terracotta Themed Wedding

    A traditional and unique choice

This earthly-toned hue is actually giving some major vibes for a theme wedding. It is a very unique colour theme that gives the wedding sort of traditional and different impression. You can even send out your wedding cards designed in this colour palette. It is most suitable for a day wedding.

There are other colour palettes like peacock blue and papaya, olive green, and champagne and neutral shades which you can consider for your wedding day. Start planning for your wedding contemplating how much time it will take to get all the things arranged and settled. Plan your wedding ensemble giving thought to everything. Most importantly, leave out all the stress on your big day and have loads of fun as these moments won’t return.

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