Trending Wedding Gifts for the Mr. and Mrs in line


Fill the air with notes of love and give in to the senses of musical choirs, seizing the moments against the shores of time. From bae to BFF’s, the throbbing hearts’ finds itself in a maze where there’s no escape from the love and happiness destined for the love birds. Curiosity and excitement clasps the raging hearts of the families, for their weeks and days pass into the manifestations of the magnanimous big day; cause the day is not just the union of two souls, it is traction of the religious sanctity till the earth falls down. This purity of love gives it a special reason to commemorate among our people, so this year set foot a forth for straying a bit from conventional garters and bounties. Take a host and brine into creativity for making the newly-weds feel special as you are on this day for them. Below are few gifting ideas to bride and groom, top trending this year which will let you take a quick note for the most interesting and viable option you might propose.

Kitchenware and exquisite culinary sets

Home appliances like coffee makers or rice makers to exquisite culinary sets are one of the most viable options for the couple who dreams of starting a new home altogether. This can be the most indulging gift for them if they have an honest liking to cooking and taste bud luxuries.


Money in cash or cheque have always been accepted as a token of gift in Indian weddings, and with each year it’s relevance is becoming prominent with the working couples in their early stage of marriage. Cash gives them the liberty of choosing how to spend, on what to spend and might likely to go for funding their wanderlust or home making.

Shopping Gift Vouchers

Surprise the couple with gift vouchers instead of cash, which they could use in any manner; for home décor, for apparel shopping or even spa or gourmet vouchers.

Personalized painting and art-reeks

Art depictions like crossroads in the lag of time with the couples’ name on it, mandates a caress of warmth and tender in the cozy home of two. These epicurean ballads can range from an art décor to bed cushions perfusing the magic the love in the air.

So this season, steer the wedding bells with a gift that shines out of the crowd and says out loud that their happiness holds a place in your heart.