Trends come and go but high-top sneakers prevail

high-top sneakers

From the classic Chuck Taylors to the more contemporary Air Jordans — the high-top sneakers have prevailed both as a staple and a high-street fashion commodity alike. Starting popularly as the shoes for the skateboarders and basketball players, the high-tops quickly morphed into the raging pop culture fashion scenario. And even today, these sneakers stand the test of time by being the most commonly worn shoes in the high-fashion-choked streets in today’s street culture.

The entire world is ga-ga about either this sneaker or that owing to the raging sneaker culture globally. And every once in a while sneaker giants like Nike, Adidas and Puma keep coming up with their own range of high-top sneakers to attract sneaker enthusiasts.

high-top sneakersBut there is one classic that has never left being stylish and comfortable since its inception. It is the Converse All Stars Chuck Taylor shoe. Available in a wide variety of colours, collaborations and even low-tops, the high-top Chuck Taylors never cease to be stylish. Also, supermodels like Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner and global superstars like Zendaya are spotted too often in these to consider the style out of the fashion game any time soon.

The trending Air Jordans are the best example of high-top sneakers stealing the show in the sneaker culture. Recently spotted on almost all the celebrities globally, these shoes are an Instagram hit. So much, that people go barking mad while copping the new launches; they go out of stock within seconds of the launch. Every enthusiast wants to cop the latest collaboration of the Nike Air Force 1s and Chuck Taylors.

There is no doubt that these high-top sneakers are the go-to for people who want to double up comfort with style. Initially dubbed as the shoes that protect the basketball players and skateboarders, these protective shoes are comforting, for sure.

With their entry into the high-street scenario like Balenciaga’s iconic shoes — “the ones that look like socks,” the high-tops perched to the top of the fashion game. And their rage is unlikely to die, but to create a new legacy of new meanings.

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