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With all the jazz about unicorn and rainbow coloured locks taking over our social media newsfeeds, it is about time we address the colourful elephant in the room. Yes, we are talking about the trendiest form of hair colours made available to us. Gone are the days of only dyeing our hair with easily blendable colours. These days it’s all about hair dyes that can stand out in any sort of a crowd. These more adventurous hair colouring techniques are having their day in the sun. So, let’s talk about some of the hottest hair colour trends that are taking fashionistas by storm this season.

Ombré Hair

Almost every major fashion influencer has been seen sporting ombré coloured mane at least once in the last year. This mane colouring technique can be defined as two or more shades of hair colour gradually blending from one colour to another. Derived from the French language, ombré means ‘shadow’ or ‘shaded’. The great thing about ombré hair is the fact that you have a wide array of colours to choose from along with a vast number of different styles. You can opt for a bold, soft, colourful or neutral shade without compromising on the style quotient. 

Hair Colour

Dual Tones

Why settle for one colour when you can flaunt two! While two-tone hair colour might remind us of the horrible chunky highlights of the early 2000s, the modern take on this trend is anything but dated. It is extremely subtle, elegant and stylish. We have seen many of our favourite celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Selena Gomez and Priyanka Chopra among others flaunting the dual tone hairstyle on red carpets and we can’t help gushing over the new found love for two-toned mane. Brighter colours like pink with purple or cinnamon red with mustard yellow seem to make the boldest statements when it comes to style. 

Dip Dye With Neon Hues

Dip dye, also known as tip dyeing is defined as a way of colouring by dipping it into a dye. The idea of dip dyeing finds its origins in the popular 70’s style of dyeing clothes known as tie-dye. Dip dyeing differs from ombré mane as the colours used in the process are mainly bold with bright neon hues like intense red, glossy pink, teal and bright yellow among others. This colour technique is more intricate, although the effect seems similar to someone dipping the lower end of their hair into one or more bright colours, contrastive with their normal hair colour.  

hair colour

Unicorn Hair

The lords of mane county have spoken, ‘Unicorn hair is the hairstyle of this season’. Unicorns are mythical creatures and the mane colouring technique known as unicorn hair is nothing short of mystical. These hair colour shades span across the fantastic realm of the colour spectrum. Unicorn hair is also known as rainbow hair, courtesy –  its varied colour palette that boasts of colours like pink, lilac, aqua, pistachio and buttercup among many more.

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