Trendy Wedding ring design for 2022


The desire for meaning and sentimentality is definitely coming through as a trend this year post the pandemic. So today wedding ceremonies may change or be on hold for now, but the desire to celebrate love and union is going strong. From a variety of rainbow stones to precious  gems, here are few engagement ring trends to keep tabs on this 2022. 

Rings with personal details 

Personal messages and elements in wedding rings are the latest trend among couples who pick rings with much more personal, thoughtful and insightful directions and ideas. It could be a unique cut or an unusual custom designed setting. 

Changing ring bands 

With the center diamond being the same, many couples are also experimenting with options which will help make the ring stand out. One such option is to make changes in the band itself.

Classic to modern 

Going into the new year we are seeing couples gravitate towards classic cuts like round, oval and cushion set in delicate platinum settings that really allow the diamond to pop. At the same time modern brides like to also keep it minimal as possible.

Alternative Gemstones and Metals

With celebrities like Megan fox going for gemstones it’s quite clear that gemstones are back to the engagement ring circle.Colorful gemstones in both classic round and oval shapes as well as modern geometric shapes are appealing to many people right now for their alternative aesthetic

Toi et moi

Toi et moi rings – a coiled band, with two gemstones nestled side by side where it meets around the finger – dominated the market in 2021.this historical design is sure to make the rounds yet again.

Tilted stone 

Diamonds set on a tilt is definitely a trend we see ourselves at the forefront with celebrities opting for it as well.