Tuktuk Agarwal & Siddharth Agarwala - Wedding Affair
A Glimpse Of The Duo Exchanging Garlands

The couple Tuktuk Agarwal and Siddharth Agarwala are living proof that love is not something we can find; instead, it finds us. On February 13, 2023, the couple exchanged vows at the Ibiza Fern Resort and Spa in Kolkata, the city of joy and heritage. Although their families arranged their marriage, what began as disagreements over texts eventually became a happily ever after.

The Story

Agarwal is a radio jockey for Radio Foorti, a radio station in Bangladesh. She started tuktukcooks, a social media food vlog, after discovering her love of cooking during Covid. The versatile and incredibly compassionate woman has also served as a management trainee for MGH Group Bangladesh during the pandemic. On the other hand, MBA-trained Agarwala is currently working on a startup that manufactures incense and other spiritual goods. The couple exchanged phone numbers through their families in a classic arranged set-up. After exchanging texts, they knew they weren’t destined to be together for their different outlooks on life. But destiny had other intentions, so when Agarwal arrived in Mumbai for her fashion school, Agarwala made the decision to give them another shot and arranged a meeting. Despite frequent arguments, they found love in each other and committed to filling each other’s voids.

The Pre-Wedding Ceremonies

Dancing To The Tunes
Dancing To The Tunes On Violin

The wedding was a three-day affair which kicked off with an ‘antakhshiri‘ between the families. The night was followed by a few musical performances, allowing the families to interact. Following the day, myra, commonly known as bhaat, was arranged with a Rajasthani theme allowing the foreign guests to immerse themselves in the culture. The guests were thrilled by everything from the décor and picture booths to the food and drinks, the music and dances, and even the games like astrology or palm reading. The evening ended with a sangeet ceremony in which the couple exchanged rings.

The Wedding

Haldi Ceremony
The Couple Enjoying Their Haldi Ceremony

The haldi ceremony was held to begin the wedding day. The entrance of the couple was planned for one of Kolkata’s famous Tana rickshaws. For the ‘phoolon ki holi’ and the dandiya, families from both sides use crabgrass to apply curd and turmeric paste, blessing the two. A fun-filled pool party followed by colourful shotguns fired into the air and a light-hearted dance performance under the open shower.

Wedding Ceremony
The Pair Exchanging Glances At Their Wedding Ceremony

The wedding was planned in accordance with the Marwari rituals. Agarwal wore a stunning coral-coloured lehenga embellished with sequins and pearls. Agarwala looked dashing in an off-white with peach-coloured threadwork sherwani corresponding to the bride. Varmala Badal was one of the most notable events set in the middle of a water body, where the bride arrived on a boat. Agarwal placed seven suhalis, a type of snack, over Agarwala’s head, which he then tossed behind his head before proceeding to the varmala in a joyous moment.