Turban styles for the modern groom


Of the entire look of the groom , the safa or the “turban” is what grabs the attention instantly. It is an important part of not only the groom’s attire but also that of his father, uncles, cousins, best man and other immediate male relatives. However, the groom’s turban is naturally far more special than the rest. Here we have compiled a few special safa looks.

The traditional turban

In earlier times the safa used be an important part of the princes assemble, on account of the fact that Indian kings and princes considered their turban as a symbol of their pride and this has been incorporated in weddings as a tradition to adorn the king of the wedding who is the groom. Now turbans are worn only at weddings, making it all the more necessary to make it special. A traditional safa is simple, red in colour and adorned with simple jewellery and a feather. But the style can differ from one community to another though.

Floral safas 

Traditional safas are usually red or pink in colour but with modern styles and patterns  , grooms now a days are opting for different materials suitable for lavishness of Indian weddings, this symbol of pride has gone through some major transformations. Trends like floral safas or tye and dye in pastel shades are a big hit there days 

Quirky Prints and colours 

Grooms are also opting for quirky prints in their turbans which make an offbeat statement.

Grooms can also opt for a stylish silk leheriya wedding safa for Groom To add colour to their simple Sherwani. Whether you want the soft ombre effect or bright tie & dye for the groom’s turban, there are plenty of options.

Monotone Safas In Soft Shades

Whether you’re the groom, groomsman or bridesmaid – monotone turbans have been a great hot in recent wedding seasons but it’s best to not stick to a single colour for the baraat! If you can get them in coordinated neutral kurtas, this looks so beautiful in photographs.